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  1. The Big FPS Playthrough MISSION COMPLETE

    The first time I played NOLF2, I made it quite far (never finished it) and enjoyed my time with it. All subsequent efforts to play it have been stymied by that dull, dull, DULL Siberia level
  2. I was rooting for you, Rubixs! Wish I had (the money to have) PSN so I could get in on this co-op action, but alas. Where're you headed after Byrgenwerth? I think once the blood moon rises, things change all over the place. I don't know if it's correct but I went to Cainhurst, which was interesting.
  3. I didn't particularly enjoy the Rom fight, but I did do it yesterday. With my level at about 65, and Ludwig's sword upgraded to +6, he wasn't too bad. The little spiders were very damaging to me and it's definitely best to keep moving so you'll hopefully avoid the leaping attack they do. If Rom rolls on his back, it's an AOE so run away. When he sends ice chunks crashing down, run in a straight line 'cos they don't track. That's probably a good time to actually close the distance to Rom. I didn't try to kill every spider, but if there were a few clumped together I'd wipe them out. Keep moving, and good luck!
  4. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    Uncharted 1 RM Can officially get to fuck. My gf lied to me when she said it was fun. All you do is move from arena to arena and slay waves of cookie-cutter enemies. Heck, even the speedboat section, which was presumably supposed to be a fun interlude between gun fights, was slow and boring. How did this series ever get off the ground?
  5. Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

    A good read, particularly with regards to the music and the vector vs. raster images. For myself, I'd put something like 30 hours into the original BoI, not a long time I know, and mostly enjoyed what I'd played. Some runs will always be a slog, that's part and parcel of the game. I wish it weren't but... When Rebirth came out I jumped on it and played for 50 hours, and then never went back. My issues with the game are pretty fundamental, I've realised. I think, in general, a run takes too long to complete, there's too much backtracking if you want to "game the system" (arcades, d6/20 etc.), too many bullet-sponge bosses which try your patience more than your skill... Skill. There's a word which I think gets to the crux of it. I think success in Isaac often hinges more on your pre-existing knowledge than on your skill. It could be argued that this levels the playing field somewhat: victory can be achieved without nimble fingers and even the less dexterous players are able to find success. For me, because the moving and shooting mechanics are extremely simple - I'd kill for 8-way shot - the player hits a plateau in terms of their skill quite quickly, and from there it's all knowledge. Knowing how best to proceed, and having the patience to carry out that plan.
  6. I think they got around that problem this time by just having the women in the game be hideous demons* *I'm just kidding, I don't know
  7. A Decade Ago: The Games of 2007 Thread

    A few years back, a shop called GAME announced they were selling off their stock of Wii consoles very cheap. Went right out and snapped one up, and it wasn't long before I'd softmodded it and filled a memory stick with amazing games. Probably didn't emerge from my house for about a week. Had the best time playing Galaxy (and then G2) with my SO. Just such joyful and creative games, which I could enthuse about until the cows came home. Anyway, God of War 2 came out in '07, and what a huge step-up from God of War it proved to be. Hugely immature and over the top, in all of the right ways, with the notable exception of a sequence where Kratos takes a break from single-handedly dismantling the Colossus of Rhodes to drop in on two very booby women and, with nary a word spoken, you mash triangle, faster and faster, until you all cum together. Mario Galaxy it ain't.
  8. I wonder how RubixsQube is doing with Bloodborne...? I burned up Vicar Amelia, then got hopelessly lost for a long while. Eventually I found Hemwick Charnel Lane and did all that, but it was a dead end! Did a bit of grinding for blood vials (oh why oh why didn't they just use estus again), then some chalice dungeon, which was quite tough and not very rewarding, blood-echoes wise :/ The next day, I came back to the game determined to find the path forward, and eventually did, down a little alleyway near the Cathedral Ward. Dark spooky forest made me lose a lot of souls, but I persevered, killed a scary snake man, and finally *FINALLY* unlocked the shortcut they teased me with right at the start of the area. Having a great time with the game, not that you'd know it from the amount I curse while playing it.
  9. Fargo (TV series)

    Fargo is the best telly ever. I didn't think S2 would top S1, but it totally did
  10. Stardew Valley

    Y'see, I would be really into this aspect of the game, but there's quite a lot of people and I don't find them visually distinctive enough to be able to remember who is who, and where they live etc. There are some obvious exceptions, of course. I have started to notice a couple of patterns with certain folk regarding where they're likely to be or what they're going to talk about. I think I'm only about 8 hours into the game myself (just started Summer) so more will be revealed over time, but yeah, not completely in love with that aspect right now. Also, I can't wait to get a mega watering can, 'cos watering the crops is tedious, even with my fairly modest starter garden. I find myself looking forward to rain days, so I just forget about watering stuff and go do some fishing. Man, I love fishing!
  11. A Decade Ago: The Games of 2007 Thread

    It's terrifically amusing when you can make your PC misbehave during cutscenes. Oh, Alyx is talking to me, for ages? I'll just rattle a few wooden crates into her boat race, see how she likes that. Ah, she's pretending not to notice.
  12. A Decade Ago: The Games of 2007 Thread

    I liked the Painkiller demo, but *very* quickly grew bored of the game proper. In the demo, you get the stake launcher to start off with and it's fun pinning deranged sacking-clad peasants against tavern doors. Shooting skeletons and lumbering gargoyles and whatnot is nowhere near as satisfying. (incidentally, a major issue I have with Serious Sam is the absurd profusion of kleer skeletons, who I find to be extremely tedious enemies)
  13. Stardew Valley

    A friend of mine bought me this as a gift, having noticed it was on my wishlist, and I'm enjoying it a lot so far. I'm on the 19th or 20th day of Spring, so not far in, and still have to check the map from time to time to locate a certain building. The graphical style is very attractive to me, reminding me most of all of Terranigma on the SNES, and the sounds of rain, gulls, etc. are working well to help me sink into the experience. I very much doubt that I'm playing the game in an optimal fashion, but I don't give a damn. At the moment I'm content to just potter about, water my crops, and catch some fish
  14. AGDQ 2017

    That Shadows of the Empire run will be really entertaining, I'm sure. I had a hell of a time trying to beat that game as a kid; it's just throwing curveballs at you all the time. I remember it fondly, despite the teeth-gnashing frustration of the junkyard train, or the speeder bikes (or, indeed, any and all of the boss fights)
  15. I received a PS4 and copy of Bloodborne for a Christmas/birthday gift (same thing for me). Hoo boy, I'm about 7-8 hours deep so far, and I'm really really loving it. I'm just constantly on the edge of my seat, from one encounter to the next, with my jaw always hanging agape at the sheer grimy ghastliness of everything. I haven't played the game yet which can hold a candle in terms of enemy design. It's just ticking all of the boxes for me, and I can't wait to play more. There're maybe one or two TINY gripes I have with it. First thing is probably the frequency with which enemies drop items - often! - which is slowing down my explorations a little, and reminding me above all of rummaging in bins playing Bioshock Infinite. The second is that the menus, while lovely to look at, don't seem as functional as the ones in Dark Souls 2. Like I said, super petty complaints.
  16. If you don't eat it you won't get your just des(s)erts
  17. Evening, Bjorn. How're you doing? 


    I was just wondering if you had any good pointers that might help ease me into LISA (ooh er, matron)? I've not encountered significant difficulties, yet, but there are some things about it which are throwing me off.  For instance, I can't work out how to rest, and all of my items were stolen from me in exchange for the life of a party member. With money being so scarce, and seemingly no way to grind enemies for chump change, I'm not sure how I'd go about recruiting anybody...


    Oh, and my main guy is suffering withdrawal symptoms :( 


    Please tell me off if I'm asking questions which would spoil my enjoyment of the game. I'm not afraid of a little mystery; I'd just rather not get stuck.


    And happy Christmas to you and yours xx

  18. Movie/TV recommendations

    So *that's* why my girlfriend hasn't responded to any of my texts today
  19. Other podcasts

    I had a listen to Stuart Goldsmith's "Comedian's Comedian" podcast yesterday night, the one with Adam Buxton, and it was truly excellent. Shock Video got a mention! Man, I had completely forgotten about that. In the immortal words of Charlie Brooker, it was "an onanists nightmare"
  20. General Video Game Deals Thread

    It was your constant banging on about it which made me pick it up, honestly
  21. General Video Game Deals Thread

    Just gone and bought Sanctuary RPG and LISA in the sale, for "less than a cup of coffee". Did I do good? Please validate my purchasing decisions. And, oh yeah, I also got that new humble bundle. Got TIS-100 to give away, too...
  22. Tyranny, RPG by Obsidian

    Toying with the idea of picking this up for xmas. From the impressions I read after launch, PoE seemed to me to be a bit lore-heavy and humourless. As a sadistic bastard, I'm sure I'll find much to laugh about playing Tyranny, and I like the idea of a shorter, more responsive adventure.
  23. General Video Game Deals Thread

    That would've been very nice, but alas! Killing Floor is a *very* ugly game; I don't think I'll stick it out for long. Dirt 3 Complete is free on Humble for a limited time
  24. General Video Game Deals Thread

    That Unreal Humble Bundle is a bit tasty, huh? If anybody wants to play Killing Floor with me - and teach me the ropes in the process - that'd be ace
  25. I finished Jessica Jones and thoroughly enjoyed it, except for one small moment of Hollywood nonsense.