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Favorite Games

Found 2 results

  1. Jonesing for more Harvest Moon style farming games after binging on Stardew Valley again, I stumbled across a rough little treasure called Gleaner Heights. It is "inspired" by Twin Peaks in much the same way that Deadly Premonition was, as in, it just rips off some Twin Peaks things whole cloth and runs with them. Including a rather faithful rendition of the RR diner seen above. The Twin Peaks content extends to having a hotel on top of a waterfall run by slightly weird duck with an attractive daughter, with a resident FBI agent living at the hotel investigating the mysterious death of a local teenager. There's an abusive drug dealer named "Lee". A good natured sheriff. And I love everything about this. I wish that people inspired by TP would show some more creativity in their work rather than just repeating the structure of TP, but still, I'll take it. I love the structure of the small town, with an outsider who slowly peels back the layers to discover the dark and rotten core of what otherwise looks like an idyllic community. My knowledge of HM style farming games is mostly limited Stardew, but from Jenna and a few others in slack, it sounds like this is much more in the SNES era version of farming games. Even with the Twin Peaks wrapping, you've got what seems to be a solid farming game. You're an outsider who's recently bought a run down farm and need to clear its fields, fix the barns, plant seeds, buy chickens, befriend townsfolk and do something fishing and dipping into the mines after all the other day's chores are done. Long term, I think this can be a game that's more combat focused than these tend to be. I know that there are actual boss monsters to find eventually. The mines are significantly different than Stardew. Time autopauses when you enter the mine, and you can't just use a ladder to instantly leave, you have to backtrack out of the mine, and each level you go up is randomly generated again, so a deep dive into it has some risk and time when ascending (not sure I'm a fan of this, but it's an interesting change). The game feels like it has a far, far, far more relaxed pace than Stardew. Stardew often leaves me feeling rushed and pushed to get as much done as I want in a day. With Gleaner, days are long enough that I can knock out all the things I want to do, and then still have time to just get some fishing in the evenings once the rest of the town folk have gone to bed. There doesn't seem to be any penalty for going to bed late, so there's plenty of time to do foraging and fishing after nightfall. I'm digging the hell out of this so far, but I'm only on day 13 of spring. It's definitely work picking up if weird takes on farming games is a thing that's up your alley. Oh, and pick of Agent Dale Cooper Deacon Troopel and Audrey Emily standing in the hotel lobby.
  2. It's no secret, I'm a huge Harvest Moon fan (Magical Melody on Gamecube is one of my top 3 F-GOATS). So naturally, I'm excited for this game. The Streetpass functionality and being able to visit friends' homesteads and share resources all sounds like like some pretty cool stuff. So... anyone else excited for this?