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  1. Hot damn, I was surprised to not see a thread specifically about this! Yeah yeah, there is a a whole thread dedicated to music recommendations, and there is a thread about video game music albums. But a thread solely about video game music and nothing else? No where to be found! Lemme fix that. Here are basic guidelines: - It has to be video game music. From Dear Esther to Gears of War and everything in between. Don't let base definitions of "WHAT IS GAME?!1/!?1?" stop you from posting a song. If you think it's a video game and like a song from it, go ahead and post that goddamn song. - You can also post video game music fan remixes and covers. - Three songs max per post - I-I-I-I-I uh...oh, uh, erm, exuberance? And that is all! Lemme commence this train(wreck?) of excitement. I shall start with the FPS national anthem: Now something majestic, epic in scale and grandeur: And finally, the only song in the whole world that makes me sing-along like a nutcase: I'M STIIIIIILL IN A DREAAAAAAAAAAM! SNAKE EAAATEERRRRRRRR!!!!