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  1. Game Jams

    Ah, I was blind! I thought game jam lengths were always measured in hours. "240h game jam", could work.
  2. Game Jams

    Can't seem to find anywhere how long this jam is, am I blind?
  3. I think Blender is great. I don't perceive it as goofy at all, quite the contrary, I think it's very clean and easy to understand. The biggest problem is the steep learning curve, you WILL need a beginner tutorial to learn the essential hotkeys. to answer your original question, I think people generally use those academic licenses that are free or cheap for learning the software and when they get hired they either get a full license from their employee or buy the software for the money they get from working.
  4. The Hypothetical Adventure Game

    The ground cover on that last painting is great! I feel like the atmospheric fog in it looks off, I think because there's too much texture in it.
  5. Artists

    I might be able to help out if anyone needs models, textures, rigs or animations. I can also create concept art for any models I'm going to make, but I'd rather not. I can make pretty much anything, but I'm in college, so my time is limited. This means the bigger the request, the longer time it'll take. Due to my limited time I'm only going to take on a few tasks at a time, so no long term commitments. Some images of stuff I've created: Video of an unfinished game I worked on over a summer with a friend, I made all the art and level design: Email: lukas.orsvarn at
  6. The vernacular is wanting

    Maybe terms that actually sound like what they mean should be used. Such as "feature complete but unfinished" if that is what you mean by beta, or "playable but not feature complete" if that's what you mean by alpha etc. A bit too long terms for them to catch on perhaps, but at least you don't need to worry about people misinterpreting what you mean.
  7. This is one of the most awesome games ever created. I shall participate whenever this game is played by you fine folks.