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  1. Gone Home from The Fullbright Company

    Pure comedy gold for the 0.0000001% of people that understand. haha
  2. Oculus rift

    Well then I guess it's going higher in my priority list! hehe
  3. Oculus rift

    Definitely on my list of things I NEED to have in my life, just as soon as they put out a "glasses friendly" version. Stupid eyeballs, so much trouble. Can't wait til I can beam the internet directly into my brain!
  4. Breaking Bad

    Soon. So very very soon. Just finishing up a marathon of the whole thing on Netflix with my wife to get us back into the mood for more with everything fresh in our minds. Only problem will be waiting week to week. Spoiled by Netflix lately with everything releasing all at once. :/

    I'd love to get in some Payday 2 heist action. Here's my steam account.
  6. PC Peripherals Question/s & (hopefully) Answers

    My wife uses that mouse and swears by it. Of course, she also can't understand wtf I'd want so many damn buttons for on a Naga, so depends on the point of view. heh
  7. Ouya: Ooooh Yeah!

    I think it's to the point now where it'll have to be made at least 7 or 8 more times before it's funny again, but we'll get there!
  8. Ouya! aaaaaawwww YISS!

  9. Ouya: Ooooh Yeah!

    That's fair. It really depends on how you play games, and how you want to play games. Much like something like a Roku box for TV... you can pretty much do everything in other ways, it just adds in own spin on it, and separates it from the need for a PC or other hardware. The Ouya doesn't really do a lot that's fully unique, it just changes how you do it, and what you need to get in some gaming on a TV/Monitor without other hardware. Makes a good XBMC/etc box too. Whether an Ouya is useful or not for someone will depend a LOT on the sorts of games they like, and how they want to play them. Not a lot of great exclusives right now (with TowerFall and Polarity both coming to PC soon at least), so it's mostly about the form factor. Getting some ACTUALLY exclusive games would be a good way to get people to look harder at an Ouya for sure. Right now there's not much reason anyone NEEDS an Ouya, it's just an interesting gizmo that may or may not fit into someone's life in a useful way.
  10. eReaders - What is everyone's thoughts?

    Tegan, I know how it actually works. "magic" is much shorter.
  11. Ouya: Ooooh Yeah!

    So, now that's it's been out for the public for a bit more than a month, what are people thinking? There's definitely a ways to go imo until I'd call it a "success" or whatever, but I'm totally in love with the thing. Controller isn't amazing, and the store needs work, but serious potential and enough awesome games to keep my attention for the moment. For the price, it's a damn fine bit of (most indie focused) gaming. Almost sad that TowerFall is coming to PC now, since it could have been a nice draw for a while due to the fact that it's one of the best games in the last few years on any platform, but good that it'll get a much wider audience soon.
  12. Ouya: Ooooh Yeah!

    Oh, well excellent then. I'll go bother people there!
  13. PC Peripherals Question/s & (hopefully) Answers

    Don't play Dota or anything like that, occasionally jump into some MMO's, but mostly I find it useful for FPS games, or things with a lot of keyboard shortcuts that can be remapped like Civ 5, Arkham City (a mouse key for each gadget makes it SO much more fun/quick to use gadgets during combat). The thumb buttons do take some getting used to, but after a week or so I was totally up to speed and hitting what I wanted. The new layout looks like it make make it even easier, so I'd imagine that would be ok. Certainly not instant, but shouldn't take long to get used to it. I really liked my old naga, but with it dying I read up and it seemed to be pretty common to die after around a year (sometimes less), so I was sold on trying something new. Now I dunno. lol.
  14. PC Peripherals Question/s & (hopefully) Answers

    I'm seriously considering the new version of the Razar Naga, I was using the old Naga for a couple years before about 2 weeks ago, and I was going to try something new, like a G600 or something, but then they go and made it even better... so conflicted.
  15. Ouya: Ooooh Yeah!

    Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. It's got some pretty fun mechanics that I can foresee sparking some fun quips and convo from the Thumbs folk too.