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  1. The 45 brains made up of all the connected devices is terrifying if you consider that not only is it smarter than a single person, but it could probably think faster. How fast who knows? I've heard discussions on AI that an AI with a human level IQ would be able to make decisions so much faster than any human could that a single day for us would be equivalent to 20,000 years to the AI. Even if it was just as smart as us it would be so far ahead. What problems couldn't it think through with that much relative time? TLDR we're doomed
  2. Diablo III

    I just signed up for both the Clan and Community. I have at least one 70 in hardcore and softcore. Admitedly I've actually started play Diablo 2 again since a good friend of mines cpu died, he's been using a back up cpu, but he cant play any current games its just too slow. so I've been keeping him company on D2. still sooo good.
  3. I did an audible "fuck yesss" when I saw this on the RSS feed. I listened to this at work. What a great interview, I wish it lasted forever . I gotta say Steve I'm really in love with this podcast. Also the last episode with Ryan Payton was one of my favorites so far. I look forward to more.
  4. Diablo III BattleTags

    nevers#1202 Hello Guys, I came back to diablo for 2.0 and Reaper. I've been playing only hardcore for the first time and really enjoying it.
  5. Tone Control 7: Brendon Chung!

    I'm loving this Podcast Steve, I find it so engaging to listen to. Also thank you TychoCelchuuu for that hot scoop about Brendon's podcast, I'll be sure to give that a listen.
  6. Just Thumbs 2

    I would love to get together with people on this.
  7. Hello, I just reinstalled Just cause 2 for the multiplayer mod. I also play other games.
  8. Youtube-TV

    Hey guys, Crashcourse is really cool so thanks for that, I love the world history stuff. Anyone here a Mr. Btounge fan? This is one of his most recent videos. All of his vids are gaming related. He is hands down my favorite provider of content on youtube. If you like vidiya games, analysis, a bit of dry humor, I think you will enjoy his work.
  9. Hi thumbs and Congrats! I just started listening to Idle thumbs not too long ago. I just caught up today with this episode. Since you guys might be done with the game soon, I though I would try to join a bit of discussion. For me I thought the first hour of the game was the best. I beat BSI in a few sittings so clearly I was enjoying myself. By the time I got to the end I found myself conflicted. My thoughts on the game are best summed up as: Bioshock Infinite is a very polished and visually striking experience, but under close inspection a lot of that shine really fades. I guess I'll try to explain myself poorly. Narrative wise there were places that I couldn't help but think of as plot holes. I also found myself becoming tired of the waves of enemies. This might be due to the fact that you can only have 2 weapons. It feels like alot of the weapons are very similar. I found the plasmids felt a bit out of place in this world, especially compared to Bioshock 1. I probably sound like an idiot but it feels like BSI is kinda the epitome of modern FPS and that its not to its benefit. But it's wrapped in a fresh coat of(not brown) paint that makes it appealing and perfect for a large audience Oh, also CONGRATS JAKE