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  1. The zach thing is crazy. So, these people have not only cracked the code on natural language processing (which is already extremely far-fetched in its own right) but they appeared have developed a general purpose human-level ai, which is basically science fiction. No ai system in the world trains based on written notes about how it's doing. I am convinced that this is an investment scam. Also this is nonsense. Trying to learn more about the organization, their telephone company doesn't have any rates or services. Their charity doesn't appear to have actually funded any initiatives. Looking at their filings, the charity doesn't do anything except own their other companies, and accumulate money. This is 100% a scam.
  2. Actually, the "getting barfed on at the ballet" story is a common urban legend. This is just another example of how "I heard about it online" turns into "it happened to a friend," which turns into "it happened to me a few days ago and I vividly remember it, and also my wife was there and can corroborate." It's just amazing how these stories become more and more related to the teller in the retelling.
  3. Concerning what jake said about the cat generating neural network: They augment the dataset with reflections. So, you very well could be looking at "backwards" gibberish text. Also, the video for that paper is very good. The sections on latent space interpolation are worth seeing. The first is on faces (at 1:50) the other is on objects (at 4:00), which includes the cat pictures The way these networks work, they take in random noise and use that to generate an image. If you didn't give it any random noise, it would always generate the same image. By smoothly varying the input noise, the output also smoothly varies (this is a result of how neural networks are built and it's a little hard to explain why this happens, but it does). So, every frame of the video is a real output image from the network.
  4. Important If True 27: Join and Undermine

    Check out my fun rebus puzzle: MOON IS REAL It means "Big Moon is real"
  5. I've received some unexpected pushback about this theory from my friends and family, and let me just nip some counterarguments in the bud. 1. The sun is further away so it will appear smaller. Actually, our binocular vision can only perceive depth up to 200 meters away. So clearly anything beyond that will not appear any smaller. 2. The eclipse is on Monday, not Sunday. Where did you get that information? A scientist? I think we've already proven who we can and can't trust in this matter.
  6. I renounce science moon and embrace Big Moon. Consider this: Scientists say that the sun is 64 million times larger than the moon, and yet on Sunday, the moon will be so large that it covers up the sun.
  7. Concerning Big Moon: The next time you see Big Moon, stick out your hand and hold up your index finger. The width of your fingernail at arms length is approximately 1 degree. The moon is always more or less .5 degrees across, so it will always be about half as wide as your fingernail. Hopefully the illusion of Big Moon will fall apart in front of your eyes. If the numbers don't work out for your body for whatever reason, you can still compare the width of your fingernail at arms length to both Small Moon and Big Moon and see that they are the same.
  8. "The Aisle" is clearly the franchise reboot of the Sam Barlow game "Aisle"
  9. Are dogs especially sick? Seems like a slander against dogs.
  10. Idle Thumbs 293: Warmest Greetings

    Wow, Catacombs of Solaris is probably the least streamable game in existence. It's a good incentive to download it, because you can't really get an idea for what it looks like from watching a video.
  11. Idle Thumbs 277: Coming Attractions

    You actually skipped the hacking tutorial by putting in the code 0451. The game in no way ever tells you the code to this door. In Human Revolution there's a similar door, but for that one the code is 1337.
  12. Idle Thumbs 271: Cool Blob Future

    The state of Far Cry 2 speedrunning is pretty dire. The current record is by HL2/GTA speedrunner S. However that run was lost two years ago when twitch deleted all of their archives. All that's left is this pastebin: The 3 hour run is rough, but still pretty refined as far as first runs go. I'd like to see you play on 1.0 since more glitches means that you're a better speedrunner.
  13. [RELEASE] Idle Thumbs Simulator 2000

    Yeah, maybe should have made that more obvious. The real secret was supposed to be that you could navigate to previous episodes.
  14. [RELEASE] Idle Thumbs Simulator 2000

    Thanks. I've been using this jam to learn unity, and it's been going slow. This is encouraging to hear.