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  1. The Witcher 3: What Geralt Wants

    Yeah, I'm not sure what your problem might be. I'm on a 970 and have everything on Ultra except for Foliage Distance (High) and Hairworks (Off). It seems like Hairworks is the biggest drain though, maybe check that you don't have that on? Even on "Geralt Only" it took 10-15 frames off. Overall, I'm in love with this game. I was a big fan of the first two, but this is just some next level stuff. I'm even loving the combat, which I know some people have had issues with. I'm playing on Blood and Broken Bones, and aside from the opening hour or so when I was relying on food for health and had no oils yet, It's been great. It really forces me to use all the tools I have available to me. Stumbling on a nest of Ghouls isn't just a situation I can run in and clear out easily. I'll camp out on the outskirts, pull up my bestiary and see what they're weak to, then I'll set up my potions and oils accordingly, and have to be really strategic in how I handle the encounter. Loads of fun!
  2. Kojima to leave Konami after MGS V

    They're working on MGSV. Specifically the multiplayer "MGS Online." Yeah, this sounds pretty real. Konami has even gone as far as removing the "A Hideo Kojima Game" from not just the MGS V Boxart on the site, but also the Ground Zeroes art and the MGS Legacy Collection art.
  3. Nintendo announces mobile deal with DeNA

    This is good news, in my opinion! Grows Nintendo brand awareness amongst the masses, and an additional revenue stream for them. Most of the Nintendo games that I'd most want to play on a phone probably won't happen for quite a while due to being more B or C level franchises, but the games that would make the most sense are their puzzle games. I would play the crap out of Picross, Puzzle League, and Dr. Mario on iPhone.
  4. Nintendo 3DS

    Not only that, but that series relies on remakes a lot that I'm sure they don't want to compete with themselves if the old games are easily available. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if we get another Gen 1 remake sometime soon. The 20th anniversary of Pokemon is coming up after all. I got my New 3DS XL over the weekend, and I've just been having a huge 3DS renaissance. Majora's Mask 3D and Omega Ruby are what I'm currently playing through, and I'm having a blast. The New 3DS XL's face-tracking 3D works shockingly well. Despite being a fan of the 3D previously, I was always among the opinion that Nintendo's next handheld would probably abandon 3D, and I'd be fine with that. Now that I've seen the glory of their "Super-Stable 3D" I really hope they keep this tech in all future handhelds. It's one of the best implementations of stereoscopic 3D I've seen, in any medium. The C-stick nub is also awesome. Probably not enough fidelity to be a suitable right stick for hardcore shooters, but great to have for things like camera control.
  5. Feminism

    That's unfortunate. I'm a big Daily Show fan, and Wilmore seemed cool when he was on Marc Maron's podcast but the only episode I saw of The Nightly Show was the "Black Women are Bossy" episode, and it didn't leave a good impression.
  6. Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

    Finally got this, this past week. Even though I don't have as much nostalgia for Ruby and Sapphire as I do for Gen 1 and 2, I'm having a blast. I'd even say I'm enjoying this game more than X and Y. I'm still only two badges in, so it'll be a while before I'm back in here talking EVs and Shinies with you guys, but so far it's just great being back in the Pokemon world. I think part of what's making it so fun is that I bought my girlfriend Alpha Sapphire too. She grew up with the cards and anime but never got into the games. She's a pretty casual gamer (Animal Crossing and The Sims are her jams) she's getting SUPER into it, she's farther than me in fact. Right now we're trading off on the same 3DS, but I'm getting a "New 3DS XL" on Friday and letting her take my current one. Can't wait for that, then we'll be able to battle and trade each other!
  7. Recently completed video games

    Finally finished Dragon Age Inquisition over the weekend. Overall, it's a good game that I felt got a little too much praise due to releasing in a slow year. I had a fun time playing it, but by the end was ready for it to just end already. I haven't played all that many Bioware games (The Mass Effect Trilogy, Kotor, and some of DA: Origins) and this ranks towards the bottom for me. It felt like Bioware wanted to implement some of the stuff that people loved about Skyrim into Dragon Age, but didn't want to fully commit to making an open-world RPG and leaving many of the game's elements half-assed. The "open-world" is too sectioned off and full of meaningless "collect all the things" quest to be truly engrossing, although finding and fighting dragon's was pretty freaking fun the first few times. While the main missions seem lacking in terms of length, mission design, and writing compared to past Bioware games. Even the cast of characters, which is always one of the best things about a Bioware game, didn't leave a big impression on me. A few of them are great like Iron Bull and Dorian, but a lot of them just aren't that interesting compared to the Normandy Crew or the party in Kotor. I can tell lots of people loved this game, but it just didn't completely land for me. Here's hoping The Witcher 3, which is part of a series I'm much more invested in, can satisfy my RPG needs.
  8. Star Wars VII - Open spoilers

    While I'm guessing you're probably right in that that is likely what's going to happen, having re-writes by different writers isn't bad. Heck, Empire Strikes Back went through the most re-writes of any of the Star Wars films.
  9. The terrible wallet scourge of the Amiibo.

    The plan is to do every Smash character, so I imagine it's on it's way. Managed to get to a Target at opening on Sunday and get a Rosalina. Also have Toon Link coming from Amazon soon. My collection now consists of Link, Toon Link, Rosalina, Captain Falcon, Samus, and Zelda.
  10. I would agree. It's one of the few titles in the series that is a direct sequel, so I think ideally it should be enjoyed after OOT. Not so much in the sense that the plot carries over, but Majora's Mask is one of the most surreal Zelda games, and a big part if it's surrealness comes from the fact that it reappropriates a ton of assets and characters from Ocarina, but twists them in slight ways. If you don't have the context of who all these people were in OOT, that element of the game will be lost on you.
  11. Starbound

    That sounds great! I need a good multiplayer server to play on! Those of you that play, I'm Inferno313 on Steam. I played maybe 10 hours of this or so when it first came out but put it off until it's more feature complete. Now seems like a good time to get back into it.
  12. Nobody expects the Dragon Age Inquisition

    I'm enjoying this game quite a bit, but it's not reaching the heights that other Bioware games have for me. I feel like Bioware is dipping their toes into the water of making something more open-world like a Skyrim, but that leaves them with a semi-open world that's too segmented and full of fetch quests, and a main storyline that feels diluted compared to their previous games. I'm 45 hours into it at this point, I'm level 17, completely cleared out a few areas, killed 3 of the dragons, and have about 5 hours left in the main story from what I've heard and I'm kind of ready to just finish it up. I think part of it is just that I don't find the world of Dragon Age all that interesting compared to a series like The Witcher, or even compared to other Bioware games like Mass Effect. I have honestly really enjoyed my time with it, but I feel like it's lacking compared to other recent RPGs.
  13. Nintendo Network ID Exchange Thread

    Hey guys, I'm a huge Nintendo fan. I'd definitely be down to add everyone here. I play a lot of Smash and Mario Kart, and I'm starting Bayonetta 2, so I'd be up for trying that game's co-op mode too. My NNID: Inferno313.
  14. Great podcast! You guys have sold me on getting Grim Fandango Remastered, I missed the hey-day of PC adventure games (both due to being too young, and being primarily a Nintendo kid.) so it's going to be totally new for me. Danielle's comments about Majora's Mask have me so excited for that game too. I'm a huge Zelda fan but somehow Majora is one of the like 4 games in the series I've never finished. I'm really amped to cross that one off the list, since Wind Waker is my favorite Zelda and I generally find Zelda fans are either way into MM and WW or way into OOT and TP.
  15. wii-U or Xbox one, for my um 5 year old

    I'd vote WiiU as well. The biggest kid friendly games on Xbox are, like you said, Lego, Minecraft, and Kinect games. Lego games are on everything ever, you can get them for her on your PC or on the WiiU (One of the few Third-Party series that regularly supports WiiU), Minecraft has a superior version you can get for her on PC, or if you have a tablet she can play the pocket edition. The WiiU probably has less dancing games than Xbox, but it does have Just Dance which is one of the most popular ones. Meanwhile you're getting some of the best local multiplayer experiences around on WiiU. Not only does the WiiU have the most kid-friendly exclusives, but it also has the best local multi-player exclusives. Getting the whole family together for Mario Kart, Smash, Nintendoland, Super Mario 3D World, Mario Party 10, Kirby's Rainbow Curse, etc will be a lot of fun. Nintendo has, as of late, been VERY strong about getting local co-op into nearly everything on WiiU. The only major first-party WiiU games I can think of that don't have some kind of co-op or local multiplayer are Wind Waker HD and Bayonetta 2 (Which probably isn't something she's ready for anyways). Everything from Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze to Pikmin 3 to New Super Mario Bros U. has support for at least 2 players. With that in mind, it's very strong as a "family" console. EDIT: Regarding your question about older Wii Games... Yes, the WiiU is fully backwards compatible with original Wii games. You'll need to buy some Wii Remotes and Nunchuks though. In addition, you can buy downloadable copies of NES, SNES, and GBA games. So you can introduce her to some of the Super Nintendo games you played.