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  1. WIZARD JAM 6 // Welcome Thread

    Yep, this is a good point. Thanks Ben!
  2. Concentric

    It's been a slow few days but I've been working on this in any spare moments I have. Most recently, I got through a bunch of game structure stuff that means I was able to set up menus like pause and level select screens. One thing I wanted from the outset was a seamless transition from menu to gameplay. It took me a while to figure out how I was going to present it; I ended up making a mockup in Photoshop which I brought back into the editor and sort of "traced over".
  3. [Dev Log] SHADOW of SOMETHING

    This devlog has a documentary-esque vibe to it that I'm really enjoying. It's kind of fascinating?
  4. [RELEASED] The World Begins With You

    I love the style of this so much. You make art assets so quickly!
  5. WIZARD JAM 6 // Welcome Thread

    Hey, congrats dude!
  6. Concentric

    Today I wasn't able to spend more than a few hours on this, but I did get a few things done: Colour schemes! The logic for the level timer Some of the logic for the item you have to pick up
  7. Concentric

  8. Concentric

    Yeah, both of those things. Gonna spend a day or so thinking about the most flexible way to implement enemies so that I don't come into contact with some of the same problems I had last time around. Last night I started by spending some time putting together a kit for configuring level layouts. Just getting this and player movement done in a day feels pretty good, knowing how much of an ordeal it was in 2014. This is turning out to be a weirdly enjoyable exercise so far.
  9. [RELEASED] The World Begins With You

    This is looking so great already @fabian.
  10. ICE Wave

    Excited to see what this turns into!
  11. [Released] Christmas is Cancelled

    Hey @Squires, welcome to the forums! Your first day progress is looking good!
  12. [Released] Dunkin' Bronuts

    Wow, that's quite the deadline you have there. Congrats on the soon to be born baby!
  13. That Warroid is a Dick [Devlog]

    That menu screen is great
  14. Fight Garbage with Garbage [Devlog]

    Welcome to the forums @crash! Best of luck with the game and do let me know if you'd like to join the wizardjam Slack channel .
  15. That Warroid is a Dick [Devlog]

    Welcome to the forums @catherine! Best of luck with the game and do let me know if you'd like to join the wizardjam Slack channel .
  16. WIZARD JAM 6 // Welcome Thread

    OKAY! As of about an hour ago, this jam is now open! Here is the list of jam diversifiers: The diversifiers are an optional challenge for the jam. They're creative prompts, designed to help you design a game around a specific limitation (or set of limitations). You can choose as many (or as few) as you like and incorporate them into your game. Talk is cheap - Make a game which is designed around having no written or spoken words whatsoever Performative Development - Stream your development process live using a streaming service such as "2D's company, 3D's a crowd" - Make a 3D game using only 2D graphics Simple Input - Make a game that can be entirely played with only two buttons Crowd-sourced - Make a game using input from other people. Take on lots of mini-contributions which will be used in the game (e.g. sound recordings or photos), or alternatively let the community vote and decide on creative decisions

    This game is released! You can play it here: ---------------------- ORIGINAL POST ---------------------- Hey all. I'm going to be making something loosely based around the theme Half a Brain. As is habit for me, I've gone into the jam with only the faintest seed of an idea of what I want this game to be, and started working on UI stuff until I figured out what the game will be. I'll try and keep on top of this devlog and post regularly; hopefully there will be something interesting to read here.
  18. Congrats dude! Looking forward to playing this soon.

    EVADER is featured in this week's PC Gamer freeware column! Wild!

    Some people pointed that out over the weekend. I'm not sure what causes it but I'll look into it! Please record a video of one of your crazy high score runs, I need to see this!
  21. Hey all! It's time for the Showcase Weekend. This is a new thing we're trying for WJ5, to encourage people to give each other more feedback after the jam. If you're streaming the games on Twitch this weekend, feel free to promote your channel and streaming schedule in this thread.

    Thanks! I'm not a huge music guy but I learn a little bit more every time I make a game. That reminds me, I uploaded the tracks I made for this game on Soundcloud and then forgot to put them here.
  23. [Release] Order Order

    The polished feel and visual design in this game are both really coherent and nice. I can totally imagine seeing a version of this as a premium iOS game.
  24. [RELEASE] Super Pools n' Ghosts

    The animated UI assets in this were really cool and well made, and made me wish I could made stuff with that style and character.
  25. [RELEASE] Super Pools n' Ghosts

    Hey, your game is featured on Warp Door: