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  1. Not-Game Doodles

    I would like to report a bug...
  2. Transistor

    To me, Transistor's story is primarily a cautionary tale / fable about why you never, Ever, EVER throw your sword.
  3. I just got back into this again after discovering TotalBiscuit's "Lord of the Gimmicks" video series where he plays a bunch of stupid themed decks. Turns out all I care about are gimmicks. =P (the problem is that by playing only wacky decks I will never accrue the gold necessary to collect all the wacky I need to settle for short-term boring/competent decks in order to be able to do wacky things later)
  4. Was the shark from Jaws named Jaw? Was Jaws originally titled, "Jaws Checks In"?
  5. Game Jams

    This is an attitude I support. (Not that I inherently oppose the asset store, but sometimes I think Unity users are too quick to want to be Unity Tool Developers instead of Game Developers. =P)
  6. Amateur Game Making Night

    That looks great! (I was surprised when the mirror light and other lights turned on; it's just like getting in a real new car and sitting there for a minute making sure you know what all the knobs do before you start moving =). Once I can get a couple more good working sessions in, I think I will have a tiny playable section of a game about being bossed around in foreign languages and chasing chickens. (With hilarious placeholder many-things, naturally). But so far everything about it has taken more time than expected, so -- someday. =T How thrilling!
  7. surveys everywhere!
  8. You should, that's a good computer game!
  9. Best Place to Register a Domain?

    I've been using Namecheap for years and never had any bad experiences. Or good experiences really. They're just kind of there, which is what I want in a registrar and so that probably counts as a good experience. =P They recently upgraded their website so it's not all old-lookin' and cluttered, but I kind of miss the old one. =T
  10. Amateur Game Making Night

    I work with SVN every day but I still hate setting up source control myself. (I used Mercurial the one time I decided to do better than dropbox, and it's been alright so far -- but I don't really know how easily it could be made to work with Unity.)
  11. The threat of Watch Dogs

    In Watch_Dogs_2, Ezio uses an early smartphone invented by Leonardo da Vinci to hack various Templar bosses and then text them, "r.i.p. -_-".
  12. Witchmarsh

    Peering through his magnifying glass, the detective deduced the exact location of the mystery and opened investigations. Moments later, the mystery collapsed in a pool of evidence: solved.
  13. Recently completed video games

    Such beaten! Very pride. FREE AT LAST. (do not click the spoiler button if you do not want to spoil the ending of Doge2048, but do click the spoiler button if you want to join me reveling in this victory):
  14. The devastation being, thankfully, somewhat assuaged by (among other things) the preceding interview with a man who paints forests and drives a robot. (P.S. Incidentally, I will now be making a concerted effort to end a few irrationally defensive diatribes with the phrase, "And I mean, you laugh, but people died." since it worked so well for Lizzie. ) (P.P.S. Firewatch half-escalator confirmed? Stealth and combat system wherein you hide from the sky until you are close enough to take the bears down with you when the lightning strikes...confirmed?)
  15. Transistor

    I still haven't read all of this thread since I want to avoid spoilers until I finish -- but after unlocking a passive upgrade slot and getting a bit deeper into some of the challenge rooms the combat system is becoming a lot more enjoyable and less spam-a-favorite-thing. I particularly enjoy the "planning tests" as they make me feel like a tactical prodigy (while, say, the last "stability test" made me feel like a lucky idiot). I've only died and lost a function one time, but I'm still constantly cycling my weapons to unlock bits of lore; I'm also using limiters because they provide more mysterious story elements to read (whereas I pretty much ignored the Bastion equivalent of limiters after finding one easy one that I didn't mind too much)'s somewhat saddening to hear that these bits of lore never quite resolve, but I'll see how I feel at the end. Switch()'ed cheerleaders continue to bring me all kinds of smug satisfaction in difficult battles. The sword continues to be offhandedly hilarious and surprisingly different from (though comfortingly similar to) Rucks (it's almost as if the person doing the voice is an actor capable of assuming a variety of personalities).
  16. If someone wants to make a game where this is the core activity, you have my blessing.
  17. Transistor

    Have you all been reading the additional details for different characters, which unlock in the menu as you apply functions in new ways? I've only played for an hour so I'm not sure if those will go any way toward making the story clearer, but I like that experimenting with different weapon combinations is encouraged by the systems (like losing a function when you die) but also by snippets o' lore.
  18. I overlooked this tweet 'til now:
  19. Look at that ghoulish countenance.
  20. Licensed Novel of Games

    Krondor: The Betrayal is Raymond Feist's novelization of Betrayal at Krondor, which is a game written by other people but set within the world of Feist's Riftwar novels. It wasn't too bad, but it's also a slightly different circumstance than your usual licensed novel.
  21. Re: Wilson, I think I remember an episode of Home Improvement where you can see the bottom half of Wilson's face but the top half is hidden behind a Christmas wreath. Also re: Wilson, when I saw this episode title I thought it was a reference to Cast Away's Wilson-with-a-face-made-of-blood. The truth was far more wonderful. I played the Home Improvement Super Nintendo Game as a rental! It involves fighting dinosaurs with a nail gun. I never beat it. Speaking of nail guns as weapons, in the Batman Forever game, Robin can shoot rivets at people's feet and root them in place. O_O (The manual I think presents them as some kind of ankle-cuff, but that's not what rivets is, manual).
  22. Ha! (As a bonus, that page had a sidebar article about Asheron's Call 1 community-run server packages becoming available in a few months, so that's quite interesting)
  23. I hate Far Cry 2, what am I doing wrong?

    Not to invalidate the things I said earlier, but a day of introspection leads me to conclude that the main reason for the hours I put into this game was just Fire.