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  1. So many tiny bits of polish, added an extremely bare bones browser window for in game links, updated some chat behavior, fixed an issue around scrolling, added some extra player interaction, some end game fixes, window styling and other surprises.
  2. Thanks! I'm pretty happy with how things are turning out. To be honest I wasn't expecting to get so many little details in, but getting the polish in isn't so bad with a webpage. The game now has a shitty wizard. I've also gotten chats to show up in individual windows
  3. The main functionality is done and i've added a time limit to the thing so it has an end state. Now i've been adding some fun extra stuff - a text editor, trash directory, and chat app which plays back some text we're putting together.
  4. We've recorded our streams that we'll include in the game. I do feel like I have to put a minor warning that my friend did something kinda dumb at the end the Chip's Challenge stream, and a flash of a non-work safe website is visible. We'll be using a cut down version for the game, but you can get a preview of this stuff here: : https://www.twitch.tv/caseyponey/videos. On the programming side of things, I've added a title screen, intro questionnaire, and hooks for plugging in some audio we plan to record to play between questions. I've also changed some of the logic for moving around the streaming window so it moves and resizes independently. There might be other small fixes, but I've kind of lost track.
  5. We've pivoted our content to be solely based in the videos we have streamed. Instead of developing content for "work" we're going to use an iframe to bring in actual work you can do for these citizen science sites: https://instantwild.zsl.org/intro I also found this js window manager that was really simple to get up and running to help us get our desktop simulator idea across. https://github.com/davidfig/window-manager Here's a gif showing off some of the interactions - opening windows, not being able to close the stream window, the stream window randomly moving and stealing focus.
  6. The game is up at stillworking.me. It’s still got some placeholder audio in the intro, but I’ve inserted the dialog you would have heard as text. Give it a shot! —————— A couple friends and I came up with the idea of a desktop simulator with two windows. One is where you're doing some kind of repetitive work, and the other is a twitch stream. The stream window occasionally moves and resizes itself, and you have to move it out of the way in order to keep working. We'd like to come up with some custom content for that twitch stream, maybe telling some kind of a story related to the work you're doing. I have no idea how it'll turn out in the end, but you can follow along here! I've got a very basic version up on heroku where you can "answer" "questions" while a stream plays (if the random streamer I picked is playing). https://immense-retreat-08775.herokuapp.com
  7. [RELEASED] A Great Way To Have Fun

    Thanks! I've updated the game to add in that feedback for when you hit an enemy, and a bit more for when they hit you. I also added a bit more feedback on what's going on with your character's abilities.
  8. [RELEASED] A Great Way To Have Fun

    Thanks for playing! My whole life is about to totally change so yea, definitely biographical, but I thought interesting as this would be one last chance to throw myself into making something for a couple days without worrying about the survival of another human (for awhile at least).
  9. Similar face! That was pretty great!
  10. [RELEASE] Baboo!

    Interesting control mechanism, I didn't quite understand it at first, but then it hit me. Using the trackpad was kind of finicky (although it could just be that I'm in windows via bootcamp on a mac), I'd bet a mouse works a lot better. I ran into what I think is a bug where in the city, if you try to enter the labyrinth, you just enter the city again?
  11. [RELEASE] Batman Loves Him A Parallelogram

    This is great! Stylish art and was really funny to play.
  12. [RELEASE] Pizza Tonight!

    So good to make a sweet jump
  13. [RELEASED] Cheatin' Hitman

    All this. Super cool idea
  14. [RELEASED] A Great Way To Have Fun

    And now it's done! Link is at the top and here! https://ryanzbone.itch.io/a-great-way-to-have-fun
  15. [RELEASED] A Great Way To Have Fun

    Lots of progress made, only streamed part of it. It's an odd experience talking to what may or may not be anyone. A friend from Cleveland joined for a bit and my wife watched from the other room hah, so that's good. Anyways the game itself is pretty much done. It's balanced well enough I think, and now all that's left is some finishing touches with regards to sound. Tomorrow I plan on recording those.