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  1. Alchemic Skill Tree Idea

    So, I have an idea for an "alchemic" skill tree system that I'm sure isn't exactly original, but I'm perplexed as to why it hasn't been used more often in games. Well, I can imagine it could be rife with imbalances and unforeseeable problems, but it still seems worth a try. Basically, I'm disattisfied with how RPGs typically put you into a "class" than give you a bunch of linear paths to travel, all based on simply dumping points into confined categories. I would propose a system where players choose from different descriptors to further color a base class. Instead, or perhaps in addition to, simply leveling up certain skills they'd instead choose ideas like "fire," "rage" or "bardsong" to modify the entire class. Hence, "alchemic," since you could choose different descriptors to end up with entirely different sorts of characters, not just distinguished by different skill-point allocations. Anyway, since this is all rather free-form, I figured I could explain myself best by copying a late-night steam discussion I had with a friend of mine, where we elaborate the basic ideas. Its rough, and long, and fraught with mispellings, but I hope you can see the idea we're trying to hash out: and, also, a couple parting thoughts:
  2. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hello folks. My story's like most of you; 'been listening to the cast for a while and wanted to sign up to participate in some sort of conversation. Unfortunately, I was turned-on to the whole thing right as the Kickstarter ended. Still, video games are too interesting to keep to oneself. I'm looking forward to getting some vicarious social engagement through this forum. See you around,
  3. Project Eternity, Obsidian's Isometric Fantasy RPG

    Jim--to my knowledge it's already going to be on steam. Quoth the $20 pledge promise: "DIGITAL DOWNLOADABLE COPY OF PROJECT ETERNITY (via Steam PC)..." []
  4. Project Eternity, Obsidian's Isometric Fantasy RPG

    I'm excited about this, but wary that it may be all-too common high-fantasy fare. Part of my soul dies every time I see an elf in furs with a longbow. An elf in an evening suit with a crowbar, however, might be more palatable. Though I love infinity-engine games, I feel like RPG-makers have been a bit too slavish in trying to recreate them. With BG: Enhanced edition coming out and what-not, I just hope they can do something more than cash in on nostalgia.