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  1. NieR: automobile

    Would you say the game overall hews more closely to the demo, which I understand is the opening sequence of the game, or the quick look linked above? They are paced and presented very differently for me, and I liked one and did not like the other.
  2. To be fair I didn't say Zelda had it, only that it could expose new players to it. Who isn't a little eager to further bastardize "jank", anyway?
  3. I converted a lot of conversations from the last couple of days into the word "jank". What I mean here isn't the "i fell through a hole and finished a quest, and then the questgiver had a different face!" phenomenon but things like freezing an object in time and changing its angular momentum and then literally freezing water for a path and then it hits a barrel and then I got a lot of apples while killing a skeleton and getting a sweet sword... which admittedly is not how jank is generally deployed in conversation, but was my way of saying that other games do have those systems and also that jank.
  4. What if Skyrim on the Switch is actually brilliant, because Zelda has exposed an entirely new group of game players to the realm of open world online systemic jank? I was having this half-serious conversation yesterday, mixed with Nintendo having gone Full Blizzard on Zelda by taking a multitude of disparate good ideas and jumbling them around until the pieces all fit together and then shining it up reeeeeal nice. From a systems perspective it's probably the most polished open world game ever, but it's not actually the most expansive or deepest. I don't think Nintendo has the reach to stifle one of the biggest, broadest genres in gaming by making everyone strive for something they can never achieve ala World of Warcraft. It can very literally never have the reach of Minecraft The Biggest Game Ever tm. But maybe it has the ability to expose (Age of Conan joke here) that world to a bunch of people who are Zelda and Nintendo fans and found out they like it. I still don't think Skyrim is actually a good idea on the Switch, but having that talk has upgraded my expectations from Poor Idea, Unlikely Success to Poor Idea, Possible Success at least where sales are concerned.
  5. Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Don't buy the collectible maps. Your main map will still have a lot of dinosaur outlines on it, but it'll at least not be filled with icons of coffee cups and pots.
  6. Mass Effect Andromeda - Thumb Drive Engaged!

    Starting to feel concerned about the game. If the multiplayer is good that's a salve, but I would definitely like the game for the single player. No one has posted impressions without reservation. I watched some of the GB live playthrough, and man those facial animations (or lack thereof) is just weird and unnerving. I can get past the John Walker gripe of "There is fetch quest still", but it's not just him grumping. Coming off Horizon, where the conversation is fluid and Aloy and I have said the same thing out loud dozens of times at the same time (without it being from a dialogue wheel), Mass Effect feels old and kinda creaky? It feels older than Dragon Age in some ways. Interested for someone who's playing early to chime in and give their impressions.
  7. If the GDC talk has already been posted my apologies, I looked back and didn't see it.
  8. Horizon: Zero Dawn

    I find that stuff to be fascinating. My take is it's not supposed to be something that's good so much as it's just what their society is. The heirarchy explicitly being women with the most generations of children is amazing in an through the looking glass sort of way. I have no grounding on the less societal and more thematic elements (ie takes on Native Americans), so I can't comment on that part. If someone raises criticism as they've done, it's important for me to see what's being said and go from there. I don't have any war bows yet, so I'm running with two blue sharpshot bows (one modded for damage, one for tear), the slingshot, and the ropecaster. I was running the tripcaster but I've been fighting birds most recently and birds don't trip over stuff very much.
  9. I've been obsessively trawling Ebay since the switch released. Almost every auction of a fully functioning unit is in the ~$250 range. Fun fact, you can get a Nintendo certified refurb with a 1 year warranty for $200 straight from them. So that's my benchmark for buying straight from another person. $200 is still really steep for a Zelda machine, though. Wii Us don't exist on store shelves anymore. That shit is gone, man. If you search for Wii U on best buy's website it redirects you to the Switch.
  10. I really want to play this fucking game but I don't really want a Nintendo, and I've been wracked over the past week trying to figure out this conundrum.
  11. Middle-Earth: Shadow of War(dor)

    I loved Shadow of Mordor, this is exciting news! I felt a little unease watching the gameplay thing, partly because the combat seemed a little disjointed non-finished, partly because i didn't see the stuff I liked which was just smashing an entire outpost and dueling with a tougher guy, and partly because I saw a LOT of numbers. I love numbers but I saw Level 190 in there and that gives me pause. I'm probably in, but I want to see more. The name is bad they should fix it. They had so many ways to crush it and they fucked it up.
  12. Episode subtitle: Boppin' the Big Guy
  13. Is there some sort of corollary or theory for the experience when just as you have the concrete thought about how much you're liking hearing one person talk or the length and depth of the discussion, a podcast host will become self conscious about how long they've been talking? I really enjoyed hearing you get way into your thoughts and expound on Zelda, Jake.
  14. I Had A Random Thought...

    That kinda gives me a chill. 0 feels like some sort of void to me.
  15. General Video Game Deals Thread

    It's a turn-based roguelike where the enemy only moves where you do, but you get bonuses for moving on the beats of the level music and penalties for missing. Enemies all move on a musical pattern you need to learn to deal with them. Danny Baranowsky did the music for the game (Super Meatboy, Binding of Isaac), and there are gameplay mechanics based on the type of music in every level. it's fucking awesome and has the best NPC in video games. It's the only video game soundtrack I've ever purchased.
  16. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    I found this to be an interesting article, most especially because they got big meaty quotes from a bunch of CEOs and other execs who've launched consoles.
  17. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    Ok, I admit I am bad at this joke then. vv I have never been a rebuy software person, so I'm generally and genuinely confused when people want to do it so ravenously.
  18. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    What, why? Did more 1st party stuff get announced? Over the weekend it looked like the same dire slate as pre-launch. It's a hint of promise to see some indie darlings on the slate for this year, but filling out the slate of the last 4-5 years of already existing games everyone owns 2 or 3 times and dumps keys on in humble bundles isn't super inspiring. If they're getting day and date parity by the end of the year for indie stuff (and to be fair, it appears stuff like Rime, Mr. Twitchy, Steamworld (as an sclusie) are doing that) then that's when credit is due.
  19. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    What's everyone's game after Zelda? Is it a check back in on Mario in November Switch Sitch, or are there other things lined up you want to grab and play?
  20. Mass Effect Andromeda - Thumb Drive Engaged!

    I personally took Mordin at all times in ME2 because I desperately needed access to talk to Mordin at any moment.
  21. Return of the Steam Box!

    I literally bought some 500 mbps powerline adapters specifically for the steam link and it works really well. We upgraded our router to not be a butt, but powerline is good.
  22. The joke about Hamilton and recommendation of a play in NYC made me think of the show Perfect Crime. It's been running since 1987, the lead actress has done over 12,000 performances, and it's widely reviewed as the worst show in New York. That'd be something to see while you're in the city for sure. There was a really nice in depth interview with Catherine Russell about it that I don't think I found in cursory googling. e: looks like I heard about this through the Reply All podcast. That's linked in one of these articles.
  23. Apologies, I should have said 'using' rather than 'making'. I understand that it wasn't an original Thumbsie but I am still horrified.
  24. Hell yeah double postin. When you guys said "fanon" and I realized you were making a portmanteau of "fan" and "canon" I recoiled in terror and literally yelled in my car. I'm very upset and I didn't like it at all. No thank you. I was anticipating an "I'll be back" for Arnold's Twitch stream.
  25. To be precise, it's not necessarily prolonging the time spent fighting bosses, it's increasing the percentage of boss time vs other activities. This method may make the game take longer overall, but doesn't mean it has to. After listening to the podcast, Nick sounds like he has a point to me. If it's just work, especially work that's not in other similar games, that's not very fun. As another chemistry-deficient person, I totally understood what you meant when you were describing how the Periodic Table was arranged. it's set up so elements with similar properties are grouped up. The only ones I can remember are the Noble Gasses and Alkali(ne)?? metals.