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  1. Important If True 50: 4468, Y'all

    I think that one started with Far Cry 2
  2. Important If True 50: 4468, Y'all

    It just feels cruel to tease everyone this way though. I guess it's an audience retention trick, because now we have to tune in to all future pods to see if you say the thing. Saying "Bustin' made me feel bad" would make me feel good, and then the bustin' cycle would finally be complete.
  3. Important If True 50: 4468, Y'all

    I'm like 20 minutes in and how was there an entire conversation about the spiritual dissolution of a Mythbuster without the phrase "Bustin' made me feel bad"? Also I want to see every version of this hint line movie you all describe. I think a Very Good throughline of the cast in general has been spinning outlandish premises into different hypothetical movies, so next time you're struggling to describe the cast maybe you can mention that. Okay now I'm going to listen to the rest of the pod.
  4. A book I found very useful starting out as an artist was Anatomy: A Complete Guide for Artists by Joseph Sheppard. It goes into detail with how the tendon and muscles are laid onto the skeleton and how they change position when each body part moves, which was incredibly useful. I also reinforced some of this information with watching a video dissection of a cadaver but that experience is a bit more difficult to broadly recommend. A super important lesson when it comes to drawing, I think, is that a lot of the time you're doing two jobs in one: You're designing an idea of a picture in your mind and you're making careful marks on paper to represent that idea. This is important to remember because you don't always have to do both of these at once, and it can be much easier and more pleasurable to focus on one or the other sometimes. I found, myself, that having a hard time coming up with an Idea and being frustrated when the Idea I did come up with didn't pan out was initially a huge impediment to improvement and productivity for me -- focusing on just making marks on paper and eventually shaping those towards some expressive goal can be much more approachable. Conversely, sometimes it's fine to just study technique and anatomy without worrying about immediately applying it, and just let it sink down into the mind for later use.
  6. Ah, beloved cartoon character Shratio
  7. Important If True 45: Wax House, Baby

    Surely if this hoax was successful enough to permanently change the film's online presence it is significant enough to still be mentioned in its wikipedia article. Surely this is the most actually noteworthy thing about the film.
  8. Haven't gotten to the end of the pod yet, but Chris mentioned a burglar who thought he would be invisible to cameras because he was covered in lemon juice. I recently stumbled across this story myself when I was researching the Dunning-Kruger effect -- apparently it features prominently in the study for which the effect is named. What Chris didn't mention is that, as best as I can understand from the brief mention of the case in the Dunning-Kruger effect Wikipedia article, he believed that lemon juice would make him invisible because of some absurd misunderstanding of its actual application as invisible ink. Now, this sentence doesn't have any citation that verifies that, so I may just be passing along my own hoisting, but I'd prefer it to be true anyway.
  9. Idle Thumbs Streams

    Is the Getting Over It stream vod gonna get migrated to IdleVideos sometime? I'd like to see it kept around for posterity. Or at very least turned into a Twitch highlight so it doesn't get deleted after 2 weeks
  10. The use of music during that segment was truly incredible. Thank you Nick for coming up with the idea and presumably Chris for doing all of the real work.
  11. Do we have a canonical character design for Lord Hoistmas yet? Because There's a problem with the toilet
  12. Now that the door is open for long-distance casts, any thoughts of having some of the other hosts who've moved away back on sometime? Assuming the new setup works out. You also mentioned before that you wanted to get away from the rotating host cast thing because you thought it drove people away from the cast. Does IT no longer being the primary cast change the calculus on that at all?
  13. WJ6 Team Seeking

    What I'm doing: Mostly music, but if you'd like me to do something else I can probably figure something out. I'm good at 2d art and writing as well -- also programming, but primarily in Haxe/AS3 which aren't I think going to be used much in this Jam, though I'm sure I could pick up C# if I need to. I figure I have enough time to contribute moderately to two projects or substantially to one, but I'm probably going to be pretty busy for about a week during Christmas, from like the 19th through the 26th. Contact Info: PM me here or on Slack Time Zone: Pacific (-8) Portfolio: I'm just gonna link music here, let me know if you wanna see anything re: the other stuff. My contribution (music) for Wizard Jam 5 My contribution (game) for Wizard Jam 4 Soundtracks for both of these and others available here: More music on my bandcamp:
  14. The McElroy Family of Products

    Yeah I don't think Griffin's character really found much of a hook, but maybe that could emerge naturally over a longer campaign. Magnus didn't start out as an interesting character, but he definitely turned into one. I thought Nadiya was pretty good though, it's fun to have a deadpan character in the mix.
  15. I don't believe that was the talk I was thinking of. I don't think the game he was talking about even reached the prototype stage, much less the very robust stage it sounds like he's talking about here, but was just one of many candidate games he considered after Braid but before he settled on The Witness. Is the game he's talking about here what turned into The Witness? I'm about to go to bed so I don't have time to watch an hour-long lecture right now, but I probably will tomorrow since I find his lectures fascinating -- though since his weird bothsidesing of the google memo I've been disinclined to follow him on Twitter. I guess the issue with thinking deeply about one set of problems is it often then makes you appear startlingly naive in your ignorance of other sets of problems.
  16. I think I remember in one of his GDC talks Jon Blow briefly talking about an MMO as one of the ideas he had toyed with for a followup to Braid. IIRC the concept of it was an MMO that required much more intricate moment-to-moment teamwork. It doesn't really seem like quite enough to go on, so I can see why he didn't pursue it.
  17. They're planning on trying remote setups for now. It sounds like Janel's gig is currently only expected to be six months, so hopefully it will just result in slightly off-rhythm casts for a while and then everything will be back to normal.
  18. I'm surprised that no one brought up the idea that immediately jumped to my mind re: Jake's cut & paste greeting card ploy, which is the supreme hoisting scenario where there's an exceptionally hot day which weakens the glue, so when your grandpa opens the card and sees that "you are the best granddad" has been intentionally pasted over with "Happy Birthday," you have set them up for the sickest accidental burn possible.
  19. Fascinating, they should definitely mention that on the next cast.
  20. Idle Streaming Community: Twitchy, Tasty

    I'm trying to get into the whole video game streaming thing now since all the cool kids are doing it, and I'm sure there must be other people here who are doing the same. Why don't we help each other? This topic is intended to serve a few purposes: 1) To list everyone's channels, along with their broadcast schedules if they keep regular hours. I'll do my best to edit these into this first post as we go. This function might be better replaced with some kind of shared document, though. 2) To be a centralized location to share tips on stream quality and building an audience. 3) To organize joint casting opportunities, like streaming a CS:GO game or something. 4) To help each other gain followers by hosting or directing followers to each others' channels. 5) To provide a pool of trustworthy moderators in case any of our channels grow enough to have chat problems Discuss streaming with other readers in #idle_streaming on the Idle Thumbs Slack server Stream to or browse the Thumbs_Readers streaming community Twitch Streamers Problem Machine Dark Souls, ??? eRonin Starcraft 2 and Heroes of the Storm + misc sclpls Souls, roguelikes, potential DOTAcasting, Dishonored 2 (no powers) J.C. Professor Video Games kickinthehead Creative Work (Trailer Editing, etc) Badfinger Hearthstone? Roguelikes? Deadpan Kyir Usually between 9pm-2am Dark Souls 3, Nuclear Throne, etc hammerpants treasure goblin Feeona All times are EST. Monday: 11am - 3pm & 9pm - 12am Tuesday: 11am - 3pm & 9pm - 12am Thursday: 11am - 3pm & 9pm - 12am Friday: 11am - 1pm phill Mornings and evenings (AUS) Game Jam games and Steam Backlog sampling rilen (meatandbones) "Enjoy streaming with help from chat, ie I play a genre I don't know with help! I am also trying to showcase more odd indie games that are often talked about but perhaps lesser played. " Cordeos evilskillit RPGs, Souls, etc TychoCelchuuu RTS Shoutcasts RBoots Vasari ratamero SuperBiasedMan first (often somewhat blind) playthroughs. BillTheCat Streaming every Mass Effect game: Weekend afternoons EST Zeusthecat gormanate Dark Souls 2 Salacious Snake PS4 Games SeanMay aprettycooldude PS4 (PC in future??) SometingStupid Variety hedgefield Steam backlog and game dev JoelWmusic Friday: Old Games Block - Saturday: Playthrough - Weekend: Steam backlog GazpachoDuJour Digital cardgames (Hearthstone, Duelyst) and more zi11ion Retro games and misc newer games jonbjohns Extra Life + misc Jutrango Morrowind
  21. Idle Thumbs 312: Hashtag Nick Nod

    I wrote on a similar topic a while ago, but I focused a bit less on solutions and more on how the problems manifest
  22. Guess you Steam top 10 most played

    1. TF2 2. L4D 3. L4D2 4. CS:GO 5. Dark Souls 6. Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin 7: Playerunknown's Battlegrounds 8. Fallout: New Vegas 9. Dark Souls 3 10. Super Hexagon I don't know off-hand if Steam includes software in the list. If it does, then I think Aseprite will be in there probably around #7. Let's find out! Ahh, I forgot about Terraria and Borderlands and I've spent more time in Aseprite than I thought. Other than that, pretty close.
  23. Left 4 Thumbs - The Homethumbing 2

    I find co-op so flat compared to vs, it's confusing to me how many people prefer it. It's fine once in a while, but the tension and dynamicism of versus is in a whole other league of experience. Co-op just feels like the tutorial for vs to me. I think Joewintergreen hit most of the reasons I like the original better in his post, but the huge one that keeps me from going back is the scoring system. They replaced the flawed and frustrating scoring system of L4D1, where a squad wipe resulted in almost no points but that deficit could be made up by a solid health bonus in subsequent rounds, with a truly awful system where it was nearly impossible to recover from losing a team member partway through the campaign. It felt like a sequel made by ambitious people who had only a loose grasp on what the strengths and weaknesses of the first game were, and even the original campaigns imported in have weird traces of that, like the boomer bile which is basically just another pipe bomb they invented to have another throwable and the melee weapons which made hordes even less of an obstacle than they were before. And, of course, even if you play a L4D1 map in L4D2, it has the L4D2 scoring system.
  24. Important If True 30: The Octopus Affair

    I think for the metaphor to hold it would have to be an octopus city that started underwater and then rose up to the surface
  25. Left 4 Thumbs - The Homethumbing 2

    yeeee which one should I have installed? The good one or L4D2?