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  1. Old Computer Magazines

    Very odd.
  2. Old Computer Magazines

    Oh Well at least Future Music stopped having cover girls :|
  3. In the UK you have to have a PEGI rating to sell your game... and I presume on PSN and XBLA (I would guess that Microsoft and Sony would require it). I've no idea how this affects Steam or self published games. Personally I think that a rating system is a good thing, it means that kids will be less likely to be playing games they certainly shouldn't be, and adds some accountability to this. However, this does of course introduce some level of censorship (which I'm mostly against) by having a minority of people decide who should be able to play a game, if at all. It is an interesting dichotomy. But then again, if you look at all the uk's banned films, they have generally been released later... and if you are really that way inclined, then I'm sure you can 'source' a copy. Only 2 games have been banned in the UK. Carmageddon (which was released after humans were replaced with zombies, rather tame looking back with hindsight) and Manhunt 2 (eventually released on ps2, wii, psp. The PC version still remains banned in the UK.. i'm sure I could find a copy quick enough though). Not entirely sure what my point is with that.
  4. Old Computer Magazines

    I still have a ton of PC format, Game Boy Action, CVG and various others at my folks house. I should dig them out I'm glad the cover girl thing went out of fashion (? got lambasted) in the 90's, all those Future Music's with girls posing with music equipment were just embarrassing :|
  5. Cyberpunk video games

    Great, thread, I need to get up to speed on some of these! I'm working on a jrpg-y cyberpunk-y thing in my spare time. No idea if i'll ever get it finished, but it's the game i've managed to keep working on the longest (although only about 2 months so far.)
  6. Cyberpunk 2077

    the daftpunk tron soundtrack just sounds like a bad impersonation of vangelis to me :| Super pumped for this game though. Love all the old "Mirrorshade" cyberpunk books n that! I had freinds that played Cyberpunk but never got into any pen and paper stuff myself.
  7. Spaceteam

    Played this with spaff and alice last night. THE BEST FUN!
  8. VG Mutha Fuckin As (Holy crapping cow)

    The best: http://www.spike.com/video-clips/ob86o6/video-game-awards-game-of-the-year-is-awarded-and-tenacious-d-ends-the-night-with-a-bang
  9. Wizaaaaaards!!

    Thinking about getting this sweet wizard tshirt from Giant Bomb (yet another stolen meme!) http://store.giantbomb.com/collections/frontpage/products/im-a-wizard-tee
  10. Jeff Goldblum

    Just got Jurassic Park trilogy on Bluray. I had never seen The Lost World. That's a whole lot of Goldblum I had not expected.
  11. WTF is this homunculus!? How did they make rope out of Nerds?! We don't get any good stuff in the UK
  12. Tweak my pooter

    Best thread!! Just did a massive lol at work. Everyone looked round to ask what I was laughing at. Unzipped my hoodie. Flashed them the Wizards tunic. Carried on working.
  13. Might be quite interesting to leave the web map on. You can't see underground on it unless i'm mistaken, and the game is essentially about building mines (although no one seems to bother with that part any more... bloody castles and ice forts and dragons)
  14. HBO Nordic

    At least they are giving you a way to give them money. I would have no bones about paying HBO their clams and then just torrenting shows anyway, that's way less morally wrong right?
  15. Hooray! Ysbreaker is in Brighton next week, this is call for celebration, frivolity and beers! When: Friday 7th Sept, 8pm Where: The Craft beer thing, 22-23 Upper N St If lots of people will be there (please say in this thread) then we can reserve some tables.
  16. Idle Thumbs Brighton meetup 2012!

    Ha! Yeah, sorry, i didn't even know you were a thumb when i went to your house :| only between pride and the other week that I found out Also, yes. The best kind of people!
  17. Borderlands

    This game seems really weirdly balanced too. anyone else find that? I've found that a bunch of the missions, i'm just not leveled up enough. Should I be grinding in between the main missions with just a bunch of those rat things or something?
  18. Borderlands

    Just started this on PS3 as it's free on playstation plus. I like what i've played of it so far ... but maaaaaaaaaaaaaan. WTF up is up with those vehicle controls!?!? Seriously dumb
  19. Idle Thumbs Brighton meetup 2012!

    Great to meet you Ysbreaker, many beers were had, along with all the fun! Unfortunately the dude chopped Alice out
  20. Idle Thumbs Brighton meetup 2012!

    Attempting to book a table :s
  21. Idle Thumbs Brighton meetup 2012!

    Hooray for all!
  22. Idle thumbs london meetup 2012!

    Cool, let's say friday then. Will start a thread
  23. Idle thumbs london meetup 2012!

    dConstruct? If so, they usually have a good after party! We could do drink later in the evening though, or maybe even the evening before? I'm guessing most thumbs will be at work during the day, although I do have some holiday to take in the next few weeks
  24. Idle thumbs london meetup 2012!

    So ysbreaker, is Friday the 7th good for you? If so, I'll start a new thread for a brighton meetup. Dunno if being a bit hungover is going to affect your saturday