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  1. I forgot to subscribe to the humble monthly so I have to wait until this releases in December, but I'm looking forward to this. I legitimately liked Sexy Hiking. despite it being neither sexy nor even hiking (it was more like mountain climbing really).
  2. I just assumed it was from a different ride that had similar seats or whatever, which in retrospect doesn't make a whole lot of sense but that kid looks exactly like Nick. Also photoshopping that would be exactly the sort of thing you guys would do. When you guys were talking about Clifford Nick made some sarcastic off-hand comment like "wow, sounds like a great book" and the only thing I could think of was that it sounded like something he'd say to his 10-year-old self.
  3. Psychonauts 2

    There's barely anything there but it already looks really good. The art style is fantastic and the gameplay looks smooth. I've always loved Double Fine games because of their interesting ideas but despite the jankiness in the mechanics, and they appear to be doing a lot more work on the mechanical side they they usually do in the lower budget games. One other thing I noticed in that video is that a lot of the people working on the game look young enough that they were probably still in school when the original game came out, meaning this is a game being by fans of Psychonauts.
  4. That seems like it just increases the moving expenses for almost everyone in exchange for very little benefit. Regarding VR, I don't think it's going to get big for pretty much the reasons mentioned on the cast, but I do think that within the next 5ish years the technology is going to get cheap enough that it can be a profitable industry from just the niche enthusiast crowd.
  5. This is especially interesting given that I seem to recall Nick Breckon claiming to be "good" at claw machines a few episodes ago.
  6. "Oliver 200 Whiskey Tortoise" sounds like a code phrase that activates a sleeper agent.
  7. That sounds like something a tulpa would say...
  8. The more I think about it the more side stories I remember that never went anywhere. Like the scene with Bobby and the honking woman and the barfing zombie child, what was that about? We don't know because it was never mentioned again. But I do know that I enjoyed that scene immensely at the time. There's also things like the Ed and Norma story that did have a resolution, but still didn't impact the central plot at all, so is that better? If you cut out all the unresolved side stories you'd lose a lot of my favorite scenes, so I think I'm ok with the show being what it is. I feel like if I watched it again knowing how it end up it might feel more like a collection of vignettes about the people adjacent to a central plot, rather than a story about that central plot. I mean, it's "starring Kyle Mclaughlin" but there are large stretches of the show where he doesn't even appear.
  9. She's going with Cooper and the Mitchums to Twin Peaks, right? It's not out of the question that we get something.
  10. at 18:20 if the link doesn't go there automatically.
  11. If anyone is wondering, the actual reason for a sweaty robot is that it's for cooling. It's not as effective as just having fans but it takes up much less space. I'm also pretty sure the robot doesn't sweat salty water.
  12. bitcoin

    Doge Fractions
  13. @Persistence of 3 I pretty much agree with all of that. Something I want to add to it is that I felt like Mike and Cooper had a rapport, like "you're finally awake" read as both "we can finally enact this plan" and "oh good, my friend is ok" and I really liked that.
  14. Important If True 26: Get Hype

    5000 Years of Heaven is my favorite romantic comedy.
  15. Mr. C asks Jeffries something like "did you call me five days ago?" which I assumed was in reference to the scene in epsiode three. I don't think there's any way the events of the other plot threads could have taken place in five days, so that somewhat confirms that, at the very least, the various plot threads aren't happening exactly concurrently. It's weird to me that we get an exact timeline for badcoop's story when every other thread is so vaguely defined that it's not unreasonable to assume time travel is involved. Can any useful conclusions be drawn from the five days thing?