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  1. Idle Thumbs Streams

    I was kinda sad that Chris skipped all the cut scenes in Celeste because I actually really like the story in that game. I can understand the instinct, since platformers aren't generally known for their writing, especially ones with such a mechanical focus, but I found it extremely worthwhile in this case. The story is pretty simple and it doesn't have much capital L Lore, but the characters were nice and it generally worked as a nice break between bits of hard platforming. Also the character portraits during dialogue are kind of adorable.
  2. I'm gonna second that Sneakers endorsement. That movie is legitimately good despite what everyone apparently assumes.
  3. The elf on the shelf thing is basically a garbage-ified version of an actual Christmas tradition my family had. We had this little elf that my parents would move to a different place in the house every night. It didn't have the connotation of being some kind of surveillance thing, he was just some magical elf guy and it was a fun game to find where he was hiding every morning. He would always be sitting on the TV or hanging from a lamp or something like that, so the "behavin' badly" aspect is probably just a product of the marketing machine, but the "christmas tradition" part might not be 100% manufactured bullshit.
  4. Ok that makes way more sense than what I said but I'm not happy about it.
  5. On the cast someone made a joke about New Donk City being a Truman Show type thing but one of the other levels actually is pretty much that. In the forest level with the robots, if you look closely at the skybox it's pretty clearly made of tiles on the inside of a dome: I don't think any other levels are like that, and it's never mentioned anywhere in game.
  6. Super Mario Odyssey (One D, Two Ss)

    I think the reason I bought into the hype for this one so much was that Breath of the Wild actually was as good as people said. I'm only in New Donk City and I'm willing to believe it gets better in the later game, but as of right now it is merely a good video game rather than an amazing one. The thing that I think is holding it back for me is that the moons are so common as to not feel special. There are enough of them sitting it random corners that I know I'm not going to get all of them without thoroughly scrubbing every area (which I won't do), so that makes it less exciting to get the ones I do find, since I'm not building toward any goal. There's still a lot that I like here though. I love those little accordion enemies. The cutscene that plays when you possess the first enemy is a great way to open a game, and the music in the Wooded Kingdom is one of the last things I would have expected from a Mario game (I don't understand how "forest level" ended up leading to surf rock but it somehow works).
  7. And then, seventeen hours after that, you can watch yourself watch your previous self: "hey, stop watching that, you know he's not gonna do anything!"
  8. Transistor has a pretty interesting way to encourage switching up your weapon loadout. If you used a given ability in enough fights you would unlock what were essentially lore dumps about the game world, but there was no mechanical incentive other than that. I though the content of those lore dumps were one of the weakest parts of that game, but somehow it still worked on me. Maybe it's because on some level I know that playing around with all the different builds is fun, so it only takes the slightest push to get me to do that.
  9. "Catch a flash of the horror of the mundanity of your own life" is an intense sentence. 10/10 cast.
  10. I forgot to subscribe to the humble monthly so I have to wait until this releases in December, but I'm looking forward to this. I legitimately liked Sexy Hiking. despite it being neither sexy nor even hiking (it was more like mountain climbing really).
  11. I just assumed it was from a different ride that had similar seats or whatever, which in retrospect doesn't make a whole lot of sense but that kid looks exactly like Nick. Also photoshopping that would be exactly the sort of thing you guys would do. When you guys were talking about Clifford Nick made some sarcastic off-hand comment like "wow, sounds like a great book" and the only thing I could think of was that it sounded like something he'd say to his 10-year-old self.
  12. Psychonauts 2

    There's barely anything there but it already looks really good. The art style is fantastic and the gameplay looks smooth. I've always loved Double Fine games because of their interesting ideas but despite the jankiness in the mechanics, and they appear to be doing a lot more work on the mechanical side they they usually do in the lower budget games. One other thing I noticed in that video is that a lot of the people working on the game look young enough that they were probably still in school when the original game came out, meaning this is a game being by fans of Psychonauts.
  13. That seems like it just increases the moving expenses for almost everyone in exchange for very little benefit. Regarding VR, I don't think it's going to get big for pretty much the reasons mentioned on the cast, but I do think that within the next 5ish years the technology is going to get cheap enough that it can be a profitable industry from just the niche enthusiast crowd.
  14. This is especially interesting given that I seem to recall Nick Breckon claiming to be "good" at claw machines a few episodes ago.
  15. "Oliver 200 Whiskey Tortoise" sounds like a code phrase that activates a sleeper agent.