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  1. The Good Place

  2. Movie/TV recommendations

    The fact that Steven Universe starts out fairly mediocre is unfortunate. On the one hand, the effect that it has once the serialization kicks in is legitimately cool. If you're watching it with no expectations, it feels like a slightly worse Adventure Time-like, but then the bottom drops out and suddenly everything is re-contextualized, there is a serious plot, and the quality ramps up considerably. On the other hand, it takes most of the first season to get to that point, which leads a lot of people to abandon it before it really gets anywhere, and I can't really blame them for that. Once it gets going it becomes one of the best things currently on tv, but it does not do a good job of convincing new watchers that it'll get there. My best advice is that if you watch a handful of episodes and aren't feeling it, it may not be the show for you. But if you feel like it has potential, if you're at all curious where this might be going, keep with it. I promise you, it lives up to that potential and then some.
  3. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    Much like Mario's "threat neutralized" I can't help but hear Toad's "time for adventure" as "sniper adventure"
  4. Other podcasts

    I'd recommend Video Games Hot Dog, they're friends with the thumbs crew and have similar sensibilities. They used to record in the same room Idle Thumbs used, I believe.
  5. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    Breath of the Wild was such a curve ball that it almost seems pointless to speculate what the next one is going to be. I doubt they're going to go back to the traditional Zelda formula with a series of dungeons and whatnot, but I could see them trying to incorporate more traditional style dungeons into the open world. They could also essentially remake botw but with a different environment, and while that wouldn't be exciting it would probably sell well and be generally well regarded. Many people have also wondered if they'd go the Majora's Mask direction and take the same engine and possibly assets but take the story and mechanics is weird risky directions. People seem to generally agree that Nintendo is pushing a different direction than they were a few years ago, but it's not clear to me what exactly that means.
  6. Does this mean that In the Valley of Gods will be Valve's first game to not use the Source engine since it's creation?
  7. The Good Place

  8. Movie/TV recommendations

    When I tell people to watch Parks and Rec I usually suggest skipping season 1 entirely. It still doesn't hit it's stride until part way through the season but that's true of most shows, and telling people to start at the beginning of a season feels like an easier sell that an arbitrary episode in the middle.
  9. What's the Name of the Game!?

    I think 26 is
  10. The buff that would make the most sense to me would be to give the judo mech the ability to suplex a unit onto another unit, as currently you can only toss then onto an empty space. Even aside from the fact that they are probably the weakest squad (or at least the hardest to use effectively) it would just be a fun ability to use. I would assume they tried the ability and ran into clarity issues (if both units survive the damage it's not clear what spaces they should end up occupying) and while I understand wanting the interface to be as readable as possible I was honestly surprised when that wasn't a thing I could do. From a purely narrative standpoint, if I have a giant mech that can suplex alien bugs I want to be able to suplex a bug onto another bug.
  11. Idle Thumbs Streams

    I was kinda sad that Chris skipped all the cut scenes in Celeste because I actually really like the story in that game. I can understand the instinct, since platformers aren't generally known for their writing, especially ones with such a mechanical focus, but I found it extremely worthwhile in this case. The story is pretty simple and it doesn't have much capital L Lore, but the characters were nice and it generally worked as a nice break between bits of hard platforming. Also the character portraits during dialogue are kind of adorable.
  12. I'm gonna second that Sneakers endorsement. That movie is legitimately good despite what everyone apparently assumes.
  13. The elf on the shelf thing is basically a garbage-ified version of an actual Christmas tradition my family had. We had this little elf that my parents would move to a different place in the house every night. It didn't have the connotation of being some kind of surveillance thing, he was just some magical elf guy and it was a fun game to find where he was hiding every morning. He would always be sitting on the TV or hanging from a lamp or something like that, so the "behavin' badly" aspect is probably just a product of the marketing machine, but the "christmas tradition" part might not be 100% manufactured bullshit.