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  1. It's the way they both squint I think. Your brain wizard-of-oz+dark-side-of-the-moon'd their faces.
  2. Idle Thumbs Streams

    Missed opportunity: Reenacting the Angles with Filthy Souls series while being a santa with a tommy gun:
  3. Well , 'Goldblum' did vomit a lot in the first stream.
  4. Oh man, Chris and Nick alone? This is exactly what I wanted! You guys' chats/rants on Chris's old Spelunky streams are classic! Remember the time you talked about whether Spelunky's gonna stand the test of time or not with classical music playing in the background? Or the time you waited for Jake to show up and watched this weird music video? Oh, and who could forget this one:
  5. Thanks! I hope so too.. about both those points
  6. An adventure/stealth game about first impressions in top-down perspective. I've never made a game before, and I don't have a lot of time these days, but the idea has me excited for now.. I'll probably try and do something until the excitement lasts. So, the player is Hideo Kojima in the GDC hall*. In talking to others, you can try and not have an awkward introduction using the sentence: "Don't look at me, I'm Hideo". You can try to say it so that it seems like you're joking, or that you genuinely want some privacy for now, but how the other person takes that phrase is entirely random. If its awkward to the other guy, he/she remembers the first impression. The person might go around and share the experience with others, or not. Either way, your journey to (optionally) save your face and avoiding those whom you've had an awkward encounter with - in early MGS style gameplay - begins from there. I also have a few ideas for more embarrassing/non-embarrassing introduction options. I might try and implement an "insult sword-fighting" style of gameplay for the verbal intros. Not sure about the ending yet, or if there should be one. Maybe reaching your private room? And the 'score'[?] could be represented by the audience response when you get the lifetime achievement award? Maybe its the amount of you get vs. Normal Applause? Engine: Adventure Game Studio * Is there a public hall at GDC?
  7. [Dev Log] In Space

    Nice to see an open source lover
  8. Question: Are the log lady intros a part of this rewatch?
  9. Tone Control is a Podcast!

    That's great! Thanks for the fast response!
  10. Tone Control is a Podcast!

    To guys who've listened to the first one, or I guess Steve... Are there spoilers regarding Maniac Mansion, MI 2 and DotT? I have not played and/or finished them yet... Okay, I haven't finished MI2 and haven't progressed beyond the first few minuted of MM and DotT.
  11. Oh, Never mind, Sean just sent me one. Thanks Sean! And thanks you Cleinhun for the offer
  12. Wait, I guess I misunderstood Sean. He only had one Beta key? So, Could you give me one as well Osmosisch? I'm Jon N/A.
  13. Zorro Joins Double Fine

    That hillarious post made my day Congrats Chris!