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Every Game in This City is a podcast about ten game designers, researchers, and curators who met up in Malaysia to try and play every escape room in Kuala Lumpur. Along the way we explored the city, made new friends, and recorded our daily discussions about playing over fifty escape rooms together.

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October 7, 2019 Locked in a bathroom, trapped in a museum, handcuffed together, and wearing clown makeup, after five full days of escaping, the team finally hits a wall at the Fifthroom in MyTOWN. Patrick LeMieux tries to hold it together while introducing our second special guest, Clarissa Lee, a research fellow at Sunway University, who had the dubious pleasure of joining us for her first (and our 30th) escape room. During the interlude, we listen in on Doug and Patrick’s personal audio diaries recorded in a food court immediately after each of their teams had escaped yet another Egyptian-themed room, the Unlucky Mummy. Then we laugh, we cry, we try and read fingerprints off dirty bandages, while slowly losing a sense of what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and what escape rooms even are.

Clarissa Lee, Sunway University, Jeffrey Sachs Center on Sustainable Development, MyTOWN, Fifthroom, Unlucky Mummy, The Judge, HAHA Circus, Subway Terror, Portal

September 23, 2019 With the whole cast assembled, Goldie Bartlett introduces our first special guest, Teddy Dief, who helped develop Hyper Light Drifter, co-founded Glitch City, and hosts his own podcast on the Idle Thumbs Network, Playscape LA. Teddy joins the team at Nu Sentral to explore the cinematic worlds and role-playing systems of the escape rooms at Breakout Nu. Then Stephanie, Jey, Shang Lun, and Doug peel off to get sweet and salty about the blend of story and puzzle in "Materia Medica," a Chinese medicine-themed escape room. Clearly feeling the effects of four full days of escaping, this episode culminates in a feverish jam session where we brainstorm dozens of escape room ideas.

Heart Machine, Hyper Light Drifter, Glitch City, Disasterpeace, Samurai Gunn, Breakout Nu, Materia Medica, Perpetual, The Secret of Hocus, Dreadnought, The War for Rembrandt, The Witness, Moira, Portal, Art Heist, Small Time Criminals

September 9, 2019 Laura E. Hall hosts day three where we meet our final team member, Chad Toprak, and talk about global games from Melbourne to Malaysia. Afterwards Patrick joins Laura and Chad to chat about what happens when you lock ten people in “The Tomb of Life and Death,” an asymmetric, architectural escape room. Then the team gets physical with the cramped crawls in Mission-Q and creepy dolls at Lost in KL, two of the most intense escape room parlors we’ve ever encountered yet.

One Life Remains, Wild Rumpus, Babycastles, Kokoromi, Glitchmark, Lucky Frame, Roflpillar, Die Gute Fabrik, Johann Sebastian Joust, B.U.T.T.O.N., Hovergarden, Turnover, Cart-Load-O-Fun Now Play This, The Silence in Room 1258, Pandemic Legacy, Bar SK, Mission-Q, Lost in KL

August 26, 2019 On our second day, Douglas Wilson introduces new team members Laura E. Hall and Jey Biddulph before comparing and contrasting their work at Meridian Adventure Co. in Portland with Alex and Shang Lun’s Earthrise One at PlayReactive in Melbourne. After that, things fall apart when we go to Ecurve, where Goldie, Stephanie, Shang Lun and Amani do a walkthrough of "M&M'S® The Big Escape," a candy-coated escape room at Amaze Escape. Finally, the episode ends with vestigial puzzles, broken props, and the mysterious case of a closed escape room at 1 Utama.

Meridian Adventure Co., PlayReactive, Earthrise One, Ecurve, M&M'S® The Big Escape, Space Voyager: Mission To The Moon, The Mummy Returns: Resurrection of the Ancient Pharaoh, 1 Utama, Katamari Damacy by Laura E. Hall

August 12, 2019 Let the games begin! Lee Shang Lun leads our first full episode where we meet the team, talk about the origins of the podcast, and tease out some possibilities for playing well. During a short interlude, Alexandra, Laura, and Doug introduce the ins and outs of escape rooms before the group debriefs about their first day playing together at the Escape Room franchise in Berjaya Times Square—a parlor where we sped through art galleries, split up in haunted houses, and tried to steal some chocolate milk. Five down, fifty to go.

Berjaya Times Square, Escape Room, Gallery: The Insidious Art Thief, Dutch Lady: The Great Chocolate Vault, Heaven and Hell, Wonderland: A Magical Adventure, The Haunted House, Taken: The Perfect Abduction

August 5, 2019 Every Game in This City is a podcast about ten game designers, researchers, and curators who met up in Malaysia to try and play every escape room in Kuala Lumpur. In this short introduction, Stephanie, Patrick, and Doug set the stage and describe the motivation and methods behind the project. They talk about what the podcast is, what it isn’t, and speculate on some of the challenges that await as the group embarks on their journey to play too many escape rooms! Will the team learn how to play well together?

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Every Game in This City

Every Game in This City is a podcast about ten game designers, researchers, and curators who met up in Malaysia to try and play every escape room in Kuala Lumpur.