Anti-Junzi Activities

September 26, 2021 24 Histories, 4 Arts, 1 Dota. In this episode we meet our final cast member, Felania Mengfei Liu, who takes us on a tour of Chinese Game Studies, including a deep dive into the etymology of gaming and gambling, sport and esport in China. Then Stephanie, Patrick, and Will tell us about the long history of Dota, from Aeon of Strife to DotA: Allstars and beyond. Finally, the cast recounts a series of adventures around the stadium on Day 2 of the International Dota 2 Championships in Shanghai!

Dota 2, International 2019 - Day 2, DiGRA, jūn zǐ (君子), 24 Histories, 4 Arts, dǔbó 赌博 (gambling), yóuxì 游戏 (gaming), yùndòng 嬉动 (sport), diànzǐjìngjì 电子竞技 (esports/electronic competition), CAGE questionnaire, SARS, Lanjisu Fire, Eric Harris' Doom WADs, Clinton Presidential Radio Address on Doom, Clements Highschool Counter-Strike Map, Enhanced Dynamic Geo-Social Environment (EDGE), wán wù sàng zhì 玩物丧志 (“play saps the will”), Video Game: Cohabitant by Yang Jing, liù bó 六博, Tsinghua University, Lang Lang (the Dendi of Piano), Battle Taxonomy of Players, Staredit, Warcraft III Map Editor, Dota 2 Short Film Festival, Source Filmmaker, Postmodernism, "Xièxiè Shanghai", 996 Work Hour System, The Dumpling Show

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