Dwarf Fortress and World Simulators

March 10, 2016 After many requests, the Dwarf Fortress show is finally here. 3MA editor Michael Hermes and Troy "Wait, how does vomit work again" Goodfellow are joined by Gaslamp Games' Nicholas Vining and freelance writer Gita Jackson to talk about everyone's favorite simulation, Dwarf Fortress. Dwarf Fortress has helped move forward an entire genre of games, from direct copies to finely honed world-building experiences. What is the secret sauce that makes Dwarf Fortress so endearing? What's the deal with the interface? Why does everyone keep dying?

Gnomoria, Clockwork Empires, Craft the World, Game of Dwarves, Rimworld, Towns, Spacebase DF-9, Prison, Architect, Banished, Aurora 4X, UnReal World

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