A Most Ingenious Paradox

January 27, 2011 Rob and returning guest Jenn Cutter discuss what they saw at the Paradox convention in New York. The Escapist's Greg Tito helps out with some good questions and pro-tips on how to make a game presentation awkward for journalists. Troy Goodfellow just can't quit you, and refuses to leave until you understand how great Crusader Kings 2 looks. Games discussed: Naval War, Magicka, Pride of Nations, Salem, Pirates of Black Cove, Gettysburg Armored Warfare, Crusader Kings 2 Production: Michael Hermes Greg Tito's previews from the Paradox Convention: Magicka Mount and Blade: Fire and Sword Salem Jenn Cutter's previews from the Paradox event: Magicka Pride of Nations Rob's thoughts for Gamers With Jobs.

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