The Emotional Damage Dealt

May 12, 2014 The buzzing conversation was halted by a chorus of knives tapping on champagne glasses. "Chairman Hiro-sama is pleased to announced a revolutionary new treatment for Toxic Allergy Syndrome, developed by the Jinteki corporation's Harmony division. But of course, this breakthrough would not be possible without your extremely gracious support, without which Jinteki's charitable works would not be possible."

Tori Hanzō glanced at the live feed, and noticed the tall blond woman in a red dress give a slightly too familiar glance to a silver-haired waiter. The exotic and glamorous locations for these fundraisers - never held in same place twice- made their connections notorious difficult to secure. Tori expected an intrusion to be detected within three minutes, but her calm was that of an unbroken pond. Resembling the shīsā that stood sentry on rooftops in her Okinawan hometown, Tori knew the newly developed ICE she had just activated would be more than adequate to ward off bad spirits, whatever form they may take.

Honour & Profit has arrived! And Quintin Smith of Shut Up & Sit Down joins Nels and Jesse to gingerly scamper across this new digital minefield. Is Jinteki deadlier than ever? Are the Criminals more replete with tricks and unorthodox tactics than ever before? Lucky episode 13 discovers the answers to these questions ... unless that was just another bluff?

Games Discussed: Android: Netrunner, Arctic Scavengers

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