The Seventh One

March 27, 2012 Darkness engulfs you and beetles skitter across the dank, putrid walls as your sanity erodes. All is lost. You despair. Your grasp on reality finally slips, and in your final shreds of lucidity you hear a group of voices echo in the darkness.

".....I'm Chris Remo........I'm Jake Rodkin.......and I'm Sean Vanaman......"

It's just us. Sorry about that. We picked up the keys to our new office today, and as it is currently an entirely empty rectangular prism, it is also something of an echo chamber. We'll get those beetles swept up shortly.

This Progresscast features Sean's attemps to return to Frictional's excellent Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Jake's determination never to return to San Francisco's enigmatic Golden Gate Park, and Chris also talking about those things. For the second half of the show, step into the wayback machine and travel with Sean to Los Angeles, where he discusses Thirty Flights of Loving with creator Brendon Chung.

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