The Fifth One

March 15, 2012 GDC came and went and in its frothy wash we found our Kickstarter cresting 400%. We continue to be dumbfounded and ever grateful. There really are no words, dear reader. There are only sirens.

For those who were in town for the Game Developers Conference, we hosted a small rooftop BBQ which yielded a brief Idle Thumbs Mega-Cast. Herein you will find a a momentous Ides of March Progresscast, featuring the largest grouping of Thumbs ever to cast a single pod.

Many of these Thumbs may be less familiar to you, but they are crucial parts of the site's past and present. Doug Tabacco and Mike Watson make up our frighteningly competent web coding team, and are the only reason we have a site that works. Dave Eggers is a longtime collaborator who has kept our excellent community forums in shape since long before the podcast began. And James "Spaff" Spafford and "Bronstring" Marek Bronstring are Original Thumbs who are responsible for the site's original Thumbcast as well as the short-lived Idle Thumbs UK.

We then retire and speak of games and oddities. You'll hear the ill-placed but long-awaited follow-up to our GDC '11 discussion about how Phaedrus almost made it into Jurassic Park: The Video Game and some discussion about Peter Molyneux and his Twitter doppelganger petermolydeux, who has inspired an upcoming worldwide series of game jams called "What Would Molydeux?" If you live near San Francisco, New York, Brighton, Boston, Melbourne, Montreal, or Seattle and you enjoy making video games, sign up!

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