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In 2012 Idle Thumbs ran a Kickstarter campaign, not just to bring back the Idle Thumbs podcast, but to try and turn Idle Thumbs into a small podcast network, with a studio, a new website, and the ability to exist for years to come. We documented that time in this podcast.

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This may come as a shock to you, but sometimes we talk about video games even when there are no microphones in front of our faces. We were surprised as well when this happened last week, so halfway through a conversation about Dota 2 we hastily scrounged up a portable recorder and set things right.

We have replaced our traditional sirens with the maddening constant hum of several large kitchen appliances. Please enjoy it.

Wow. There are no words, readers. But as there is this text field here on the update page, we're going to have to try to find some.

We are floored by your gratitude and support. It never occurred to us that we'd meet our goal in a day, nay, a twelfth of a day. So here is our Progresscast: The Second One, recorded last night when we all reconvened to discuss the madness that had just happened.

Thanks so much for helping us cast pods into faces--we have big plans for the podcast and for the site. This is the first of what will hopefully be numerous short podblasts we release over the course of this campaign as we get Idle Thumbs back up and running.

(We recorded this before the Kickstarter campaign went public, so we didn't expect it to already be funded by the time this update went up! You guys are the best! Thank you!)

Idle Thumbs Kickstarter Progresscast

We Kickstarted Idle Thumbs in 2012. This is it's podcast.