F. Nick Breckoncast Transmission 87

February 29, 2012 As you know, the original Idle Thumbs podcast lineup included our dear friend Nick Breckon, who also caused the podcast's original destruction when he left the picturesque foggy hills of San Francisco for the nondescript suburban flatness of Maryland.

As you do not know, leaving the familiar weekly routine of recording Idle Thumbs inflicted grievous harm on Nick Breckon's psyche. Unable to cope with the sudden absence of a regular podcast cycle, Nick subconsciously developed an alter ego podcasting identity known as F. Nick Breckon. Along with a growing slate of multiple personality co-hosts, F. Nick continued to record video game podcasts. Each week since, an audio reel containing the latest episode of the F. Nick Breckoncast has appeared at Idle Thumbs' San Francisco headquarters.

This week's reelblast was unusually coherent. And so, after much deliberation, crouched behind the protective shield of this backers-only Kickstarter update page, we have decided to share Transmission 87 of the F. Nick Breckoncast with you, our most loyal and dedicated of readers.

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