A Gleaming Collaborative Future

February 16, 2017 I can't believe we've done this. It's a brand new podcast. Join us, won't you? We're delving into the minutiae of pop culture, technology, and our own lives to find some kind of meaning—or at least to spin everything out as absurdly as we can. This week: Why do hawks ride planes, when they could fly? Who oils The Terminator's pecs? And what's Snagglepuss up to, exactly? These questions and more are answered definitively, sort of.

Important Reference: plane falcons, Snagglepuss reboot, zombie snails, Boston Dynamic's latest robot

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Chris' Endorsement: Fish Spatula, aka Fish Turner, aka Oliver Fishturner

Nick's Endorsement: Farberware Nonstick Skillet

Jake's Endorsement: Listening to Nick starting at 54:30

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