Ruination Online April 2017

May 26, 2017 Enjoy this bonus episode drawn from our Idle Thumbs Patreon Ruination Online! Each month, we do a livestream where all topics have been posed by high-tier backers of our Patreon campaign: This month it's a lightning round: two minutes an answer for maximum efficiency.

Due to popular demand, we're releasing the audio of that stream to the main podcast feed for easier listening.

We'll be back with a regular episode of Idle Thumbs next week!

Discussed: The future of VR headset adoption, indie comic books and adapting comics to other mediums, the origin of the "baboo" sound, making an RPG character sheet for yourself, Legion, vowels, visiting and living through an event from history, the moon, Lord Nelson's final words, what makes for a good ruination question?

Wizard Jam 5 is coming up! Wizard Jam is the Idle Thumbs community game jam. It's a two week long non-competitive game jam with a great group of people organizing and participating. If you're interested in trying your hand at making a game, joining a team, or just following along, visit the Wizard Jam 5 forum. The jam starts June 2nd!

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