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That's Kevin "Fragmaster" Bowen from Something Awful, acting out that forum post then adding more (adlibbed?) material, but he posted it as though it were sincere and he the original author.

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So the talk about the use of 'exclusive' and how people are powerless to do much with it made me realise: in Australia, this would be considered false advertising. Mobile phone plans that included no up-front costs for the phone featured a price of $0 for the phone, because calling the phone 'free' would immediately result in a lawsuit from the consumer watchdog. They are so hardcore about claims that are technically true but potentially misleading that Apple was forced to withdraw the 4G iPad briefly because it wasn't compatible with Australian 4G at the time, and it was considered misleading to state the leading benefit of the product was to connect to a network that didn't actually exist. (They should have been described as e.g. '4G Ready'.)


Australian consumer law does not fuck around.


(Although now I'm wondering if we can use Australian consumer law to put an end to this? If E3 coverage was simulcast in Australia, it might count as an Australian ad, but the likely end result is not Sony and Microsoft stop pretending things are exclusives, but they start blocking E3 in Australia.)

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