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Korean dramas

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Anyone watching any Korean dramas?

I'm referring to the 16 episode miniseries format.

I'm on episode 4 of The Musical and it's pretty great. I haven't finished the series, so i don't know how well the themes will resolve, but a few of the main characters are already showing some dynamism. At first, the side-stories seemed irrelevant and some of the characters seemed like archetypes, but by episode 4, everyone has a believable motivation, a special circumstance and a realistic desire.

I'm really enjoying it. The characters are getting tangled in their expectations of each other and tension is building. I'm impressed with the mixture of dependency and competition that they've written into the main four character's web. I hope it continues to pay off. Ugh. I hope they teach the lead actress another song though, I've heard her sing it like ten times.

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