Steam Item Trading and/or Community Market

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I'm a big fan of the market because I still play oodles of TF2, and the market makes it a lot easier to get items (also, keys (the items you use to open crates) are now only about $1.75 buying from players whereas they're normally $2.50 direct from Valve). Without the market, one would have to manually trade an item for "metal" (the in game currency), and then find someone who was willing to take metal for whatever item you were looking to buy. There are a few complications here: Not every player uses the same trading hub (a middle website used to find trading partners), and to trade players have to actively be online and monitoring trade requests.

So, in short, I approve.

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I traded all of my rest of TF2 items for Chaos on Deponia just to be rid of them. Nothing else was probably worth much there.

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