Hotline Miami

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Errant Signal weighs in:


As much as I like the game I think most of his points are spot on. I take a bit of issue with the suggestion that Hotline Miami's plotlines are more inherently contradictory than HM2's -- I've found it to be the opposite, with the first game mostly tying up pretty neatly once you understand that the pre-Trauma levels are all unreliably narrated flashbacks, while the second has several completely contradictory threads -- but I think his point about the openness and looseness of the plot being echoed in the openness and looseness of the levels is pretty solid.

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I absolutely loved Hotline Miami, but Chris's video kind of made me not want to buy it, or at least wait a long time. Mostly because it seems the levels are much longer, and in particular, the story is explained a bit too much. I spoiled myself nad watched a 30 min video on explaining the story of HM2, and ehhh, i feel it would kill part of the magic of the first one for me. 

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