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Doctor me up, Thumbs

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Sometimes the best way to tell if there's an allergy is to just check if exposure to the thing causes an allergic reaction! If it might be a minor/developing allergy, it could be hard to tell without any of the substance in your system. As long as there's no risk of death, it's okay!

Hooray for humans being science experiments!

Edit: That sounds miserable, though. Really, really miserable.

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Oh yes, only for the diagnosis! They aren't that cruel, i think. Though, once you go gluten free as a coeliac you become quite sensitive to gluten apparently. A crumb of wheat bread can cause people to start vomiting and can fatigue you for days. Other people don't really react, but it will still cause internal damage.


My sis is on a FODMAP diet at the moment for similar reasons. After a week she fell off the wagon at a dinner party, ate a bunch of off diet foods, puked her guts up the next morning and then was unable to drive the next day from exhaustion. She has been on it about 6 weeks now and says she feels amazing. With her problems she will be able to reintroduce foods one by one untill she finds her trigger(s) which is good. She is also able to eat around foods that aren't on her diet, like at the weekend we shared a curry and she just didn't eat certain veg from it.


Coeliac isn't so easy however, anything that comes into contact with gluten is contaminated and can't be eaten. I'm most nervous about eating out and eating at other peoples houses. I might just not eat anything that i don't prepare myself till like christmas to ensure i get on the diet properly. I'm luck in that  a) i live alone and can fully control my kitchen and food and B) i cook for myself daily already and have unwittingly been leading a low gluten lifestyle for years.


This is all going to be hilarious if my biopsy comes back negative^^


Edit: Also, Ireland seems to be one of the most coeliac aware countries, which is reassuring!

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So I officially have coeliac disease! :tdown:

At least it isn't something mysterious.

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