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I grew up in a house with an Atari 2600. Apparently when allowed near a television remote I would switch back into "gaming mode" where I basically careened around the chair (I was small) and cursed up a storm. My grandmother refused to believe that I had learned these words from my uncles, who were in their early teens. After that we had a keyboard thing that plugged into the telly and had a floppy drive (3.5 inch) in the side... a Commodore 64? Not sure really. I got an NES for Christmas years later and it was a big deal.

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Poster wasn't done by me, but I loved it! I spread those around in the town. Hopefully people saw those and actually decided to come along and check out what was there. There was a lot of people, more than there was in spring about half year ago.

I was supposed to test all the devices out there, but "got stuck" playing Commodore Amiga 1200 modded with turbo and 64mb memory and playing Sensible World of Soccer and Skidmarks with a friend who was there for the first time. We sat in front of the mighty Amiga for like three hours so that took most of our time. I managed to score 99690 points in Nintendo World Championship and got the fourth place in a traditional competition they have there.

It's was something like played with a euro NES console and US Nintendo World Championship re-issue cartridge. They told me the time is shorter and the game has some graphics bugs and you can't score as much points as people normally would. I anyway got about 18000 points more than at spring so that was cool.

I'll attach some nice pictures that one guy took there. I'm the guy with the blue t-shirt in the last picture who's face is not completely visible due to the huge television in front eating my face off, we are just in the middle of Sensible Soccer game there I suppose. :)











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