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I am very close to giving up on this fucking game. I am only in world three and while I appreciate the game mechanics and the happy singing colored ball people, I don't appreciate the difficulty that the game designers felt would be appropriate for a game with happy singing colored ball people.

I compulsively have to perfect all the levels since I get shit for some stupid house I don't care to build but it's the principle of the matter. They could give me nothing for my troubles, I don't care, it's there. The problem when I go through levels trying to collect all available things or getting a maximum fat roco ball person thing, more often than not I either find out I was missing something or I am hurt by some bastard fuck shit at the end of the level that screws up my chances everytime until I have replayed the same fifteen minute level for the 20th time and did not get hurt by some garbage spike crap at the end.


Why would they do this? Why is there no save points in this game or at the very least a way to collect something once, whether you die or not, and be done with it? I thought I'd enjoy this game, but I really don't subscribe to the game design theory of having people redo some level for an upwards of fifteen minutes until perfect. Someone please tell me Locoroco 2 is much nicer to the player and fixes this, because I am ready to put these on Ebay and well... it sort of breaks my heart because I love these happy singing ball people. ;(

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