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I've been binging on this game lately. It's a lot more fun now that I'm allowing myself to turn the difficulty down sometimes! I don't get as frustrated or bored with combat because of it. Sometimes I just really want to stealth arrow kill a whole dungeon and then have a tiny sword fight with the boss, and that's a-ok.


For me, the problem with "difficult" combat in this game is just that the enemies have an incredible amount of health. My favorite battles involve a lot of me using terrain to my advantage, disengaging, chase scenes, and short bursts of really deadly action...and for the longest time, it felt like those fights only happened between levels 3 and 8. Lower difficulties are just more fun for me I guess.


Also I no longer feel obligated to complete EVERY quest I get AS SOON AS I GET IT, and that makes it a lot more fun too. I'm RP'ing as a cranky old high elf, so sometimes I just think, in-character, "Baaah, I don't have time for this. I'm too old to not be doing the things that really interest me anymore."

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