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Saturday morning Kilrathi vs. Confed cereal bowl viewing!!

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The full 13 episodes of the Wing Commander Academy cartoon series are now available in lush hi-res, 200meg an episode glory, '96 . On the offchance that you are (as I am) a completely unreconstructed WC geek then you'll love them, featuring the original voiceover artists from the games (mark hamill, malcolm mcdowell, todd marshall) and the ships from the games too...


Needless to say if you have no idea what I'm talking about, then you medically need to go here :


and grab the splendid, works-fine-on-XP-honest Kilrathi Saga repack of Wing Commander 1, Wing Commander 2 and all the special operations addons.

And if you do know what I'm talking about, but have absolutely no interest in any of the Wing Commander titles then.. Urr..

Touch of Ace Combat for you sir?


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Hey, nice to see another Wing Commander fan here :D

Not only a great space sim, but also a school example of perfect use of FMV in games. Its cutscenes and movies still beat any other FMV game ever made.

Maybe it's the deep storyline and characters that made me like this series so much. I can't say I'm the biggest space sim fan around, but WC belongs to my all time favorite games.

Anyway, good news about these TV episodes. I remember watching two or three episodes in that lousy RealPlayer format. It was rather pixelated, even though the window wasn't bigger than 100x65 pixels, or something. Hehe.


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