Our new mobile game: Missile Conflict BLITZ (iOS/Android)

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Hello community!

We released our mobile game Missile Conflict BLITZ for iOS and Android a few weeks ago and are looking for feedback. If you find any bugs, let us know!
So feel free to have a look and get the best highscores! :)


A classic arcade game remastered! Command your base and fend incoming missiles. Take the heat of never ending attacks as long as you can and become a legendary Commander.
Survive as many incoming attack waves as possible and complete your mission in several atmospheric environments with stunning graphics in unique ambiences.
Protect your base long enough to finish the evacuation of your people and fend volleys of missiles one after another. Improve your tactics, upgrade your towers and use powerful special abilities to keep control over an intensive defense battle!
While building up your career and collecting commendations you can challenge friends or fight about highscores with players from all around the world. Connect your profile with GameCenter and play on your tablet and smartphone!

Key features

  • Upgrade your missile towers after each fended wave
  • Choose up to three special abilities at the beginning of each mission
  • Try out different combinations of abilities and upgrades
  • Enhance your skills and optimize your tactics
  • Make your way through several missions with increasing difficulty
  • Explore stunning and atmospheric environments
  • Collect awards and commendations
  • Become a legendary commander and build up a glorious career
  • Compete with friends and players from all around the world
  • Become a Premium Player to get rid of all advertising
  • Optimized for iPads and iPhones





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