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Rob Zacny

Three Moves Ahead 496: XCOM: Chimera Squad

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Was disapointed in how unpolished this game felt. Even for the reduced 10$.

No gamebreaking bugs, but just so many small ones. 

Didn't like how everyone was a Star Trek alien (a human with weird forehead ridges). How did everyone integrate so damn fast? 5 years?

And I didn't like how it felt like damage was even more important than in XCOM2: after the initial breach I barely had the spare actions to move characters into better positions, because I was always fighting 2 to 3 times my numbers in enemies, so any action not spent on disabling or killing enemies felt very sub-optimal.  The fact that now we're "The Man" and the enemies still get to throw infinite reinforcements at us was agravating. The last mission was especially ridiculous when the game threw 3 back to back fight at me, where I had to fight 12+ enemies each. (I played on 3rd difficulty). The action economy in the game seems bonkers. The fact that they HAD to make using items free is just proof of it.

Edit: forgot to say, but I did finish the game, enjoyed it well enough, but I have no desire to ever replay it. Which for a 20$(10$ if you got it at launch) is fine. 


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