[Dev Log] Farewell, Video Games, Starring the Shitty Wizard

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Hey everyone, was meant to try and start this one earlier during the holidays but I got really ill just before and spent pretty much the rest of my time recuperating, oh well... on to the Game :)


I'm making a game where you are the shitty wizard and are being chased by a void that is consuming everything in sight. Your goal is to be to outrun the void, avoiding/destroying things in your way and collecting the thumbs cast along the way to the end of the level. Game is 2D and you will be driving down one of multiple lanes, swapping lanes when necessary. I'm working in 2D because I have very little time overall and most of my experience is in 2D anyways. And even then I'm using some Kenney Assets to give me head start.


I've been splicing some audio snippets from the podcast like when you pick up a thumbs cast member they say there name and I'll hopefully be able to have some more easter eggs and stuff like that in the game by the end of it so fingers crossed haha!



WIP of where I'm currently at, should hopefully have backgrounds and variations etc. soon...


Hopefully I'll be able to post some updates before the end date if not I'll at least post one once the deadline has passed :D

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This is looking good so far! I like this style of game, so I'm looking forward to it.

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