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Doom Patrol

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Anyone else watching this? Recently gave it a shot and I am really, really digging it.  Really leans hard into comic book absurdity, and apparently draws from the Grant Morrison weirdo run of the comic a lot.  There's a lot of really great character building in this, along with pretty great performances by the entire cast.  Somehow really threads the needle of complete absurdity and real character drama well.  I kind of wish it wasn't a DC Universe subscription show, so more people would be able to see it, but at the same time they treat it more like prestige television and it seems like they're getting to do what they want with it.  Somehow a robotman brendan fraser being able to yell "What the fuck" at every absurd thing thrown at him feels a little more real and lived in, because really, if someone who led a relatively normal life got thrown into a robot body and encountered weird shit there would be a lot that.

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