Idle Weekend January 28, 2018: He Was A Good Captain, Till We Went Out The Airlock

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Idle Weekend January 28, 2018:

Idle Weekend January 28, 2018

He Was A Good Captain, Till We Went Out The Airlock
What dark depths lie under bright futures we like to imagine? That, and other lofty questions, are addressed on this episode, where we look at the authoritarian side of the sci-fi we love, the colonialism of games we’re enjoying, and the very difficult question of what on earth to do with David Cage Games.

Quick content warning: this episode contains discussion of sexual harassment and abuse in media.

Discussed: They are Billions, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Roadside Picnic, Battlestar Galactica, Dark Matter, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Black Mirror, Cory Doctorow’s Piece on Cold Equations and Moral Hazards, Quantic Dream and David Cage, Louie CK, James Franco, Person of Interest, Thimbleweed Park


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Long time listener first time caller  writer :)


Coming from a small right sized country (Denmark). Which history, when looking at least military, has been one long disaster since at least 1864.  Yes USA do indeed seems militant, in its reverence of it's military (and why all those public guns). I think seen from USA, and probably other large countries. The military can, in the best case scenario, help with destroying evil fascist countries. Far far away from the USA mainland. Whereas Denmark. in its newer historical time, has been occupied, and its military, can't really be used as tool in it self, except as perhaps support in an alliance.


A thought I had when I saw BSG. Was I wondered, why the all the political structures seemed frozen, in the same political system, who controlled 12? planets. Instead of trying to evolve the political system to something that was more logical for a population of 50.000 and counting down.


C Lund

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