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[ ASSET SHARIN' ] Share Some Weird Assets Here Ya'll

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Want one of your weird characters to suddenly pop up in someone else's games?

Wanna be playing Wizard Jam games in a month and suddenly feel like you're somewhere familar...somewhere you've been, somewhere...that you built in Unreal 4 a year ago that someone else repurposed into a Dot Gobbler sanctuary?


This is the thread for you!


If you have assets from former jams you'd like to share, post them in this thread and I'll aggregate them into this post, and if you need to host them somewhere, PM me and I can put them in my shared drive or figure something else out.


Please credit the original asset creator somehow if you use their assets, and if you submit something, I recommend including a license.


Alternately, maybe you just need a good source for some free models, textures, or music? Go take a look at Rilen's excellent thread from WJ4 for some solid resources.


Anyway here's some stuff:


2D Dot Gobbler (by Mythalore)


The Beef Chief (from The Stake Out, by me)



Idle Thumbs podcast soundboard (By GerbilsInSpace. Open source & includes a bunch of mp3s ripped from the cast)


3D Dot Gobbler (by Synnah)



Thumbs Sprites (by BigJKO. Chris/Danielle/Jake/Sean + a lovely golden Goldblum, as seen in The Legend of Big Birds Bones)



Low-Poly Breckon Head (by Root)



Veggie Panino's Veggie Panini's Box (by brendonsmall)



Tugboat (by Lu, used in Ice Break)


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