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  1. [Released] Idiots Laughing

    Very nice…framing!
  2. [Dev Log] The Genie of Hoisting

    The rules for the cells so far are: Person: Starts with 3 nutrition. Eats a food if it is adjacent to gain 1 nutrition. Metabolizes (uses) 1 nutration every step. Dies if they have 0 nutrition. Poops into adjacent empty space every step. Dies if there is no adjacent empty space to poop into. Empty: "Gives birth" to a person if there are three people in adjacent spaces. Grows a plant if there are poos in three adjacent spaces. Poo: Decays in three steps. Grows a plant (destroying itself) if there are poos in two adjacent spaces. Meat: Decays in two steps. Plant: Decays in four steps.
  3. [Dev Log] The Genie of Hoisting

    @supasheep It should be fixed! You will probably have to hard reload (usually cmd+R or ctrl+R).
  4. [Dev Log] The Genie of Hoisting

    Oh, whoa, it seems I have to hard-reload after dismissing the intro to get it to work. OK, I'm going to try to fix this. Edit: The actual problem was that it didn't handle loading rules correctly once I introduced that "intro" view.
  5. [Dev Log] The Genie of Hoisting

    Well, it's the end of my time for Wizard Jam. I pretty much just got a simple (but reliable) cellular automaton engine going: I really wish I could have had an actual game going, but I'm glad I tried. Next year, I'll try to take some time off from work so this can happen. Good luck other Wizard Jammers!
  6. The Genie of Hoisting is probably going to be about managing an island, simulated really simply. You'll be able to ask the Genie for "wishes" along the lines of "I wish that a plant were in this spot" or eventually "I wish all poo disappeared from the island". I haven't decided how frequently you get to wish. I had a couple days to get it going last week and have been able to chip at it for a few minutes here and there since then. Right now, I have a few entities rudimentarily modeled: - People - Poo - Plants - Meat They eat, they die, they decay, and plant life springs anew from critical masses of poop, just like in real nature (I assume). None of the wish stuff is there, and a lot more needs to be modeled. The events need to be presented in a far more graspable way. Then, maybe graphics?
  7. [ ASSET SHARIN' ] Share Some Weird Assets Here Ya'll

    Oh, man, amazing! I'll use the hell out of those soundboard files, I think!
  8. WIZARD JAM 6 // Welcome Thread

    Hey, so I had a day off, and I started doing this! Time is scarce from here on out, but I'm happy to have gotten anything going at all. A question about game titles: Do they have to be named after an episode title? My game is based on the Important If True discussion of genie-proof wishes. I just noticed that episode is called "Pearls Before Slime" which doesn't suggest anything about genies at all. I'm guessing I should call it something else and just cite the episode?
  9. Hello, Thumb readers! I've wanted to participate in a Wizard Jam since I heard about the first one, and I've finally accepted that if I do want to participate, given the amount of free time I have, I'm just going to have to take a day or two off from work. And so, I'm trying to find out when the next one is. Has that been decided, and if so, has it been posted anywhere? Jim