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Team Building - Epistle 3 Jam

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This popped up on the internet this weekend: Half Life 3 Jam


There is a little over 2 months to build something. I want to make a FPE game (similar to Eyes of Cheatin Hitman I made for WJ4) with a lot of G-Man in it. 


I bet in the next two months I can add 15-20 hours of work myself. I have a lot of tools already in place for this type of game, so most of the work will be on art/audio assets, level design, and narrative.


I don't have any solid ideas for this, but I'm thinking some sort of comedy following the G-Man during his hours away from work.


I would love to get a community of people together working on this, and I'm flexible in whatever we make. I do think that comedy is the only requirement for me :)


Any readers interested in picking away at this for the next two months with me?

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