Twin Peaks Rewatch 44: The Return, Part 9

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I don't know.  Probably dead, but they said the farmers were "sleeping" out back.  There isn't any blood.  If they aren't dead, they probably will be soon.

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Immediate thoughts:

  • Overall, this episode was very satisfying. The BobCoop stuff wasn't so interesting, but basically everything else was. Good dialogue, great acting and strong plot movement throughout.
  • Favourite scenes were the 3 police at the insurance company, Ms Briggs at home with the TP sheriff's dept, and the Bill Hastings interview.
  • I especially appreciated the prominence of more Badalamenti music, and the drum shuffle during the Vegas police antics.
  • I'm pretty sure the shot of the mountains with sinister music is was almost the identical transition used to move to Twin Peaks 1 or 2 episodes ago.
  • Awkward, lingering shots on unusual human social behaviours are back! Nothing will ever beat the ancient room service guy from the start of Season 2, but every time something comes close enough to remind me of that, I get a warm feeling inside.

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