[Dev Log] The Convergence Compulsion

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This is only the second game I've ever made and I'm working in Twine. I'm trying to use Sugarcube to have more control and to avoid using jQuery. Nothing personal against jQuery I just don't want the added syntax.


But what I'm trying to do is imitate some chat and email function, through simple clicks. Sugarcube is create because it has the Dialog API which can bring up a box. At the same time I want to display a chatbox similar to what's shown here:


But I'm unclear of how to implement that chat formatting into a dialog box, or if it's even possible. I'm trying to keep my game simple for this jam but I want to learn something and push myself to do more with my limited programming and design skills. My last game just used simple choices to direct the narrative but I wanted more interactivity this time. Any suggestions of how to implement those features would be most helpful and of course you'll get the credit for such.

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