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Idle Weekend March 12, 2017: PAXing Makes Me Feel Good

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Idle Weekend March 12, 2017:

Idle Weekend March 12, 2017

PAXing Makes Me Feel Good
It's a very special Idle Weekend, because, not only is Danielle at PAX, but Rob is finishing his first week as an editor at Waypoint! We talk PAX, open-world solutions and games that deal with death in this special, blitz-edition of the show. Note: please don't yell at Danielle for her somewhat crappier-than-usual audio, her travel mic isn't as amazing as her home mic.

Discussed: PAX, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy VIII, Life is Strange, The Witcher 3, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, The Americans, The Expanse, Olen Steinhauer's mysteries


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