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[Dev Log] The Death of Nick Breckon

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The Team
Njoos: Professional software developer, first time game maker.
VagueBagel: Professional software developer, first time game maker.


The Plan
We are both new to game development, so we are trying to take it one step at a time. We want to make a 3D survival shooter, with maybe some cool minigames and gimmicks added in to make it more fun. Since we are going for the Idol Thumbs diversifiers, we have asked permission to use the audio files from, we will try to add funny audio triggering events.


The Idea
Roughly this is what we are aiming at so far: A never ending survival game that gets more difficult as time progresses. Points for surviving longer. As as story, the world is a simulation that is controlled by an AI riddled with bugs. 


 - Mainstream Thumbs
 - Idol Thumbs
 - Super Briefly
 - Learn By Doing Sub-Versifier: No Dialog
 - WJSCU Sub-versifier: Building A Legacy



Link to the game here: We just had a few evenings of time during the two weeks and didn't work on it afterwards, so it is a bit rough, should still be enjoyable to play though. 

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Played it, liked it! I think I like Dot Gobblers best when they're used as a countless horde. I was actually glad that it was a "beat all the enemies before time runs out" game instead of a "survive infinite waves" game, only because of my personal disinterest in wave survival stuff. (At first I thought it was just an avoid-the-baddies game because clicking didn't seem to do anything, so it was a nice surprise when I clicked randomly and a gobbler fell over).


Just curious what the reasoning behind the long respawn time is? I know it's not very long but after foolishly running into the first laser a few times in a row it started to seem interminable. But maybe it's there for technical reasons and/or to give the sound files time to play. Anyhow, I got up to 290 points and that seemed like a big number so I called it a victory.


It looks like you didn't have time to put minigames in (or maybe I just didn't find them) but just running through the halls clicking madly and dodging lasers was fun, so it seems like a solid foundation on which to layer some more variety / amusing surprises. :)

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Hey. Sorry for taking so long to reply. We did not have time to add the minigames! :D We also didn't have time to make any effects (sound or otherwise) to the gun so it is a thing people have struggled with. 


There is no reasoning behind the respawn times (or anything else in the game!), they are just arbitrary numbers that I came up with and tested for a few minutes. 

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