Robot Russian Roulette

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Hello, Wizard Jammers


I'm Ben, for this Jam I'm hoping to make my first game with Unity based on the Idlethumbs episode 269 : Robot Russian Roulette.


I found the title very evocative of Bond style high stakes gambling with the obvious Russian/Soviet twist mixed with the wacky but ominous Robot future. The episode joke is very much based on humans playing "Russian Roulette" risking being harmed by the robots, so I obviously want to subvert that and take the title more literally. Robots playing a pseudo-random potentially lethal gambling table game. I envision a grungy rundown bar, where depressed and disaffected sentient robots escape from their menial day jobs to risk it all in a thrilling game. Taking Microchips, that are either lethal or provide a low-level rush that robots can't source anywhere else, and pushing them into their universal brain ports. I would also enjoy adding a bit of the dissonance by making lots of the robot characters wacky and zany, with over exaggerated death scenes and hilarious pratfalls.


The Game


Although it would be fun to see if a player could survive a completely randomized game of Roulette all the way to the end, I would like to have some actual game in there. My initial concept is thisPuzzle Template.png


 This is very rough obviously, but the general layout is there. The object will be for the player to receive a chip that looks like the 2nd image and cycle or swap around the transition segments until the paths and colours match. As with infinite time these puzzles could be quite simple there will be added time pressure justified by the narrative, such as it being part of the rules of the game or perhaps as a representation of an internal processing of a potentially corrupt chip. I have several ideas for escalating these puzzles, as the narrative becomes more and more high stakes (either by cash, high or pressure to keep playing by intimidating figures), that can be honed and discussed if and when you decide to help me out. The main layout of the game will a first person perspective of a player sat a circular table looking out at his "opponents" as they simultaneously play the game in rounds. There will be lots of opportunity for humorous dialogue and witty banter across the table as their numbers dwindle. In my pipedream's I would like to build a small FPS intro, where the player is introduced to the concept by a buddy robot taking him to the game for the first time and possibly some context for our main characters reason for playing. Ideally, there will be multiple endings as you crumble under pressure and fail and puzzle and blow your main CPU, to avoid the fail state being too repetitive and annoying. 


The Plan


This is my first 3D game, so my main priority is to create a functioning puzzle game first and foremost. While the narrative side is the part I'm most excited about, I would like to make sure I finish something that can be played and enjoyed. However, once we are well on the road to that goal the world is our oyster as far as expanding the narrative goes. Hilarious brain-death dream sequences, multiple death variations for the opposing robots, a branching story and the more wacky robot models the better.


How you can help


I'm completely new to Unity and Blender, so any help you can provide with either would be very much appreciated. 


I'm looking to have as many Characters as possible at the table, so if you are building a robot in your please let me use it here!


Puzzle ideas, escalations, and templates would be accepted graciously.


VOICES - This is the big one, I will have scripts for anyone who wants to voice act, the more and varied the voices the better, my main character currently has no gender and neither do any of the others, if you are or have an SO who is female I would very much appreciate their help in making my narrative more representative.


My inspirations







Meme Bot 5000.png



Thank you for reading, if you would like to help you can DM me on here or on Slacks or reach me by email at: [email protected]

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The base game looks super cool and the world seems fun! I will be very interested to see how you the world outside of the mechanics materializes.

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